MPLA in Lunda Norte wants to reinforce political marketing

MPLA in Lunda Norte wants to reinforce political marketing
MPLA in Lunda Norte wants to reinforce political marketing

Africa-Press – Angola. The first secretary of the MPLA in Lunda Norte, Deolinda Vilarinho, this Tuesday instructed the Department of Information and Propaganda (DIP) to reinforce political marketing, aiming at greater publicity of the party’s and Executive’s actions, which aim to improving the living conditions of the population and attracting investment to the country.

The official made this appeal at the opening of the seminar on Digital Marketing, promoted by the provincial secretariat, highlighting that the party’s communication strategy must be up to current demands, in which Social Networks dominate the dissemination of information, at the same time that, lead the statistics in terms of the spread of false news.

He added that the spread of false news on social networks and other websites has, in a certain way, positively or negatively influenced public opinion, hence the need for related party departments to refute such information, in line with the facts.

He added that the country’s current political context is marked by an “unrestrained campaign of misinformation among the population, slander and defamation against those holding public office, actions that cannot go unanswered by the party’s information departments.”

“Political digital marketing plays a strong mobilizing role and is a powerful weapon in our hands, which must be used to put our strategies into motion, in a scenario of increasingly strong political competition”, he stressed.

He added that the tool is an indispensable vehicle in fulfilling one of the fundamental Axes of the Political Agenda 2023, which is “Working harder and Communicating Better”, aiming at better insertion of the MPLA in Society.

He said that the seminar fits into this perspective, whose objective is to better position the party’s actions in interacting with society on social media, as a field of political dispute.

“In order for this aim to be fulfilled, the simple desire and the fact of participating in the seminar will not be enough, if we do not have the appropriate means, by this I mean that it is necessary for the management of the municipal committees to create conditions for the Departments of Information and Propaganda work, so that they can put into practice all the knowledge that will be acquired here”, he highlighted.

The seminar will last five days and is part of the party’s communication strategy.

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