People look forward to polling day

People look forward to polling day
People look forward to polling day

Africa-Press – Angola. With just over two weeks to go before the general elections, expectations are high around the election that most populations classify as unique for the guarantee it offers any citizen to freely choose the country’s future rulers for a five-year term.

In a round carried out by the press to the municipality of Cacuaco, in Luanda, a notable increase in expectations about the elections was observed, especially among young people voting for the first time.

The majority say they are ready to exercise their right to vote on the 24th of August and in this way choose the future rulers. Jurelma Adriano, 23, who is going to vote for the first time, visibly moved, could not hide the anxiety that invades her, saying that young people should be active, especially at this time, in order to make a conscious vote.

“If we want to see the socio-economic conditions of the country and the populations improved, we must go to the polls on the 24th to decide who we should trust our country’s destinies in the next five years, the best qualified to govern Angola”, said the young woman, adding be convinced that on that day young people will make the right decisions in choosing the best candidate and increasingly strengthen democracy.

Jurelma Adriano said that she will exercise her right to vote for the first time, at Escola Primária 4005, in the Pescadores neighborhood, on the outskirts of the main village of Cacuaco, at table number 1, and stressed that she feels that each day the pressure and the anxiety increase.

He appealed to young people to zealously fulfill their role as voters and, above all, to keep the hope that the elections will be fair, orderly and transparent.

Franklin Cabala, 26, also a “first-time baby” due to the fact that he did not participate in the 2017 election, although he was old enough, but because he was abroad for training reasons, he said he hoped the vote would take place in a environment of peace, harmony, unity and joy, bearing in mind that political parties are campaigning quite competitively.

“I speak particularly of the two largest parties that exist in the country (MPLA and UNITA), whose leaderships are carrying out a very close campaign in the hunt for votes”, said Franklin Artur, appealing to voters to be civil and seek to know in advance the places where they will exercise their vote.

Manuel Miguel, 55, said it was the fifth time he was going to vote and considered it to be a good experience and without revealing who he would vote for, he made it clear that he intends to choose the candidate of the party that has the best governance program.

He considered that the current campaign, which this year involves eight party formations, is euphoric, taking into account that at the level of the 18 provinces the dispute has been orderly and peaceful. “The experience that I carry as a voter, since the first elections in 1992, is that the first ones started well, but ended in tragedy, despite having opened the circle of democracy in Angola, but since then things have been happening periodically and within the normal range possible”, he said.

“After 2008, the country returned to the elections in an atmosphere of peace, showing everyone that we were capable of leading Angola towards democracy”, he said, recalling that “in 2012, in a very peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, the vote to elect the new leaders and in 2017 the choice of João Lourenço for President of the Republic”.

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