SODIAM raises USD 17 million in diamond auction

SODIAM raises USD 17 million in diamond auction
SODIAM raises USD 17 million in diamond auction

Africa-Press – Angola. The National Diamond Trading Company of Angola (SODIAM) raised, on Friday, 17 million US dollars with the sale of 636.28 carats, a total of 20 special diamond stones.

According to a press release, these are rough diamonds from the LULO, SOMILUANA, CHITOTOLO, UARI and KAIXEPA Mining Companies.

The evaluation sessions took place from the 11th to the 18th of this month, at the SODIAM facilities in Luanda, with bids being made online, with the participation of 29 companies, representing the main diamond markets and centers in the world.

The president of the Board of Directors of SODIAM, Eugénio da Rosa, said that the auction made it possible to gauge the sentiment of the market and the global diamond industry, at a time when actors are struggling with some endogenous and exogenous factors, “which still convey some insecurity “.

He said that the results of the auction reinforce the mining potential and attract new customers and foreign investors, aiming to strengthen the national diamond industry for the benefit of the Angolan economy.


Founded in 1999, SODIAM EP is the state-owned company responsible for commercializing Angola’s diamond production.

The productions sold by SODIAM EP result from eighteen kimberlite and alluvial productions and cover the entire spectrum of qualities, with regard to their sizes, models, purity and colors.

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