Traditional authorities urge peace and harmony

Traditional authorities urge peace and harmony
Traditional authorities urge peace and harmony

Africa-Press – Angola. The traditional authorities of Cunene province urged politicians to observe, during the electoral period, the principles of peace and harmony, in order to guarantee that the elections take place in a civic environment.

This Tuesday, regarding the pre-electoral campaign, the sovereigns of Ombala yo Mungo and Ombala ya Nalueque underlined the need for the elections to take place peacefully, in order to safeguard social peace.

For the King of Ombada yo Mungo, Zeferino Satona, it is essential that representatives of political parties, in the exercise of their functions, travel to the localities and work with the people, in a harmonious and respectful way, transmitting messages of concord and reinforcing the spirit of angolanity.

In this sense, he warned the youth not to focus on negative acts, recommending that they research history and analyze contexts, taking into account the past and the current moment, as a way to exercise their civic right on the basis of transparency.

The King of Ombala ya Nalueque, Mário Satipamba, said that the experiences lived in each election year require political leaders, local authorities, youth and churches to reinforce the message of peace, harmony and spirit of companionship.

The king said that political differences should not be a moment of tension or contempt, as everyone is free to make choices.

He added that all politicians and individuals must be active members and builders of peace, having also recalled that every citizen is a foundation in the construction of peace and in the process of national reconciliation.

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