Vice-President of the Republic reaffirms commitment to Human Rights

Vice-President of the Republic reaffirms commitment to Human Rights
Vice-President of the Republic reaffirms commitment to Human Rights

Africa-Press – Angola. The Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança da Costa, reaffirmed this Friday, in Luanda, Angola’s commitment to democratic values, defense of Human Rights, freedom and human dignity.

Esperança da Costa, who was speaking at the human rights conference, alluding to the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under the motto “Dignity, freedom and justice for all”, stressed that Human Rights are a construction whose impact must be felt , in a practical and effective way, in the lives of all citizens.

“In this way, we need to ensure its defense, promotion and protection, with the involvement of public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations and, above all, society, which must look with the necessary seriousness at the principles of equality and respect for the dignity of the human person”, he highlighted.

He recalled that in 2020, the Executive approved the National Human Rights Strategy, the purpose of which is to recognize, in national actors, a greater role in the promotion, defense and protection of Human Rights, thereby safeguarding National sovereignty.

He mentioned that it is within this vision that his elevation “to the category of national security matter” fits, with a permanent seat on the National Security Council, a consultative body of the President of the Republic.

Human Rights Committees

Esperança da Costa highlighted the role of the Local Human Rights Committees, which constitute the cell of the National Strategy, as they are bodies made up of civil society organizations, churches, traditional authorities and representatives of the State’s Local Administration as the eyes and ears of Angolans in the reporting and respective follow-up of those who violate Human Rights, in the respective areas of jurisdiction.

He explained that in three years, 18 provincial Human Rights committees, 164 municipal and 87 communal committees were created.

“We can say that after just over six years of this new era, Angolan society has experienced a healthier context, from the point of view of obedience to the law, ethics and good practices.” he said

Esperança Costa stated that the institutionalization of Local Human Rights Committees is a clear sign of the Angolan State’s commitment to ensuring rights for all and strict respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Constitution of the Republic of Angola establishes that “constitutional and legal norms relating to Fundamental Rights must be interpreted and integrated in harmony with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights”.


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