Women encouraged to practice sports

Women encouraged to practice sports
Women encouraged to practice sports

Africa-Press – Angola. The coordinator of the Association for Women and Sports (AMUD), in Cunene province, Alice Sapalalo, this Friday encouraged local women to join the practice of sports.

He considered the number of women athletes in the region to be low, which is why it is essential to combine efforts and wills to encourage and rescue women’s sport.

The official said that AMUD is present to advocate for the improvement of women’s sports, as well as collaborating with associations in the search for sponsorships linked to equipment, medals and cups.

He said that the practice of sports and physical exercises improves the quality of life of citizens, especially in terms of health promotion.

“We have to start promoting, more and more physical activities, to improve our mental, psychological and physical state, in order to be better prepared for life”, he stressed.

Founded in 2008, AMUD had Teresa Quarta as its first chairman and is currently led by former handball player Justina Praça, elected in 2020, replacing former handball goalkeeper Odete Tavares.

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