Deputies question the Minister of Agriculture about the lack of water in their respective municipalities

Deputies question the Minister of Agriculture about the lack of water in their respective municipalities
Deputies question the Minister of Agriculture about the lack of water in their respective municipalities

Africa-Press – Cape verde. This Wednesday, deputies took the problem of the lack of water in several municipalities to Parliament, questioning the Minister of Agriculture and Environment about the Government’s policies to put an end to the situation that afflicts the population at this time.

PAICV deputy, Manuel Brito, defended the need to open public employment as the best way to help families who do not have access to water for agriculture.

In response, Minister Gilberto Silva said that the Executive is training farmers on the subject of water management and the need to adapt to the new water system.

“We are on the eve of the rains and this time of year always has water problems, nationally”, he explained, adding that this is nothing new in the country.

Regarding the opening of jobs to overcome the lack of water for agriculture in the municipalities, the government official also added that measures related to the opening of jobs are taken according to the assessment of the agricultural year and not before that.

He said that at the moment the Government is focused on preparing the new agricultural campaign in the rainfed area and not on opening public works.

Along these lines, the UCID deputy, Dora Pires, reinforced that there is indeed a need for the Government to think about improving the water supply system to help farmers.

The minister responded that the Government is committed and has been working on this matter, above all, on strengthening environmental health at municipal level.

He recalled that the Executive established, within the framework of its program, the circular economy as a priority and that this implies security in relation to water quality for agriculture.

“We will have a distribution plan on the island of Sal, in Santa Cruz and we are reinforcing the project to reuse water from the WWTP and with Tarrafal”, he said.

On the other hand, the UCID deputy, Zilda Oliveira, questioned the minister about the situation of the São Vicente dump, with the Minister of Agriculture and Environment assuring that the Government is “very committed” to eliminating the dumps, moving to a of improved landfill and then the stage of construction of sanitary landfills with sorting centers.

The official said that in São Vicente there is a contract signed with the City Council, with the aim of transforming the space into an improved sanitary landfill.

“Before a landfill is built from scratch, this landfill will require studies and mobilization of resources”, he explained.

In this regard, he also added that the Government will work to ensure that some national waste is used for recycling, which demands, he said, “simpler, cheaper and more sustainable technology”.

It should be noted that this Thursday, 13th, the ordinary session will begin in the afternoon, as in the morning there will be a special formal session to welcome the president of the Assembly of Côte d’Ivoire, who is visiting Cape Verde.

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