Jockey and cyclist Hernany da Luz: a champion looking for space

Jockey and cyclist Hernany da Luz: a champion looking for space
Jockey and cyclist Hernany da Luz: a champion looking for space

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Hernany da Luz or Bilick, as he is also known, is a champion looking for space. Born in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, Bilick is a multifaceted sportsman. In addition to cycling, he is also a competitive jockey. In this year of 2022 alone, he has already won five consecutive horse races held across the country. However, he calls for more engagement with equestrianism, starting with the creation of the National Equestrian Federation.

Bilick remembers his passion for horses as a child and his dream of riding as if it were today. However, he only started to practice equestrianism at the age of 13.

In 2014, he entered a riding school and, the following year, participated in his first competition. Little did he know that his career in equestrianism, from that moment on, would yield fruits and conquests among the islands of Cape Verde.

With the domain over the horses and the tracks, Bilick has only added victories. 2022 was your year. He won five consecutive victories for the country, in the company of the mare “Marisa” and recently the horse “Tranka Fulha”.

Urgency in the creation of the Equestrian Federation

However, the lack of a National Equestrian Federation has conditioned, to a certain extent, the practice of this sport, which is not yet fully organized in the country.

As our interviewee points out, equestrianism has only developed at the insistence and initiative of horse owners, despite the high costs paid in competitions.

“Only the love for the sport makes owners, jockeys and equestrian lovers continue in the fight because there are more expenses than gains”, says Bilick to A Nação, urging the Government and the Municipal Chambers to value equestrianism even more.

Ambition to create an equestrian school

As a jockey, Bilick says he has already taught many people to ride and notes the interest of many others in practicing this sport. It is in this sense that she aspires to have a riding school in Santo Antão to teach adults and children the art of riding and train new professionals for competitions in the country.

It also aims to compete outside the country and raise the Cape Verde flag internationally.

quit cycling

In addition to equestrianism, the athlete has also stood out in cycling with a constant presence on the podiums of the competitions in which he participates. However, lately, he decided to take his focus off cycling and stop competing, this due to the lack of a professional bike and support for competitions.

The athlete is also a volunteer firefighter in Porto Novo, a profession he has combined with cycling and equestrianism, as he prepares for the horse races that start in January.

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