Legislatures in Guinea-Bissau: Elections in Cape Verde take place normally

Legislatures in Guinea-Bissau: Elections in Cape Verde take place normally
Legislatures in Guinea-Bissau: Elections in Cape Verde take place normally

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The ambassador of Guinea-Bissau in Cape Verde, Basiliana Hopffer Soares Tavares, assured this morning that the legislative elections are taking place “within normality”. In Cape Verde, 2,711 guinasses are registered on several islands.

Basiliana Hopffer Soares Tavares, who exercised her right to vote at 10:00 am in Table 1, of Palmarejo Secondary School “13 de Janeiro”, challenged all registered Guineans residing in Cape Verde to go to the polls, arguing that if it is about “a special day” for the materialization “of civil rights, aiming at the election of 102 deputies”.

“The new Government will emerge from these elections to exercise its mandate for a period of four years. I hope that, with this election, the country will start with a new squad to be able to develop and continue cooperation with our development partners. It will be a government that comes out of the ballot box, a legislative election, democratically elected, a government with credibility”, summarized the diplomat.

The elections in Cape Verde, particularly in Cidade da Praia, according to the ambassador, are taking place “within normality”, with “good turnout” of voters during the morning period, which is why Basiliana Tavares considered “very important” for these legislative elections the votes of citizens in the diaspora, for having their civic rights as Guineans.

2,711 Guinean voters in Cape Verde

A total of 2,711 Guineans based in Cape Verde, spread across eight polling stations on the islands of Santiago, São Vicente, Boa Vista and Sal, choose this Sunday, the new Government of Guinea-Bissau, to which 20 parties and two coalitions compete.

Of the 2,711 voters, Praia, according to the president of the Regional Election Commission for the Diaspora/Cape Verde, Fernando Pinto, is the municipality with the most subscribers, with 54% (percent), followed by the island of Sal with 21%. , Boa Vista with 17%, Santa Catarina with 4%, São Vicente 3% and Santa Cruz with 2% of the electorate.

Polling stations opened at 07:00 in Cape Verde (08:00 in Guinea-Bissau) and closed at 17:00.

Total of 893,618 voters

The Guinean parliament is made up of 102 deputies, of which 100 are elected in the national territory of Guinea Bissau and two for the diaspora, namely for Africa and Europe.

For these elections, 893,618 voters are registered, of which 17,922 in the diaspora in Africa and 17,894 in Europe, including 7,789 in Portugal and there will be 3,524 polling stations, of which 55 in Africa and 57 in Europe.

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