Population of Campanas de Cima wants the reopening of the USB closed for almost seven years

Population of Campanas de Cima wants the reopening of the USB closed for almost seven years
Population of Campanas de Cima wants the reopening of the USB closed for almost seven years

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The population of Campanas de Cima, a high zone in the far north of the municipality of São Filipe, wants the Basic Sanitary Unit (USB) to be reopened since 2016, with the emigration of the health agent to the United States.

In a petition addressed to the Health Delegate of São Filipe and the mayor, the more than 60 subscribers from Campanas de Cima and neighboring areas appeal to the health and municipal authorities to rehabilitate the existing infrastructure, so that it can resume operation. with the placement of a sanitary agent.

“Unfortunately, since 2016, the health unit has ceased to function, heavily penalizing the population that was deprived of the benefits already received”, says the undersigned, underlining that for almost seven years there was always, in the entire population, the hope of seeing the unit reopened.


But now, as Adilson Silva Lopes, one of the signers of the document, told Inforpress, over time the building, which was built by the São Filipe council, has deteriorated and needs requalification.

This source says that the chamber was available to rehabilitate the space for the health unit to function as long as the Health Police station mobilizes the materials/equipment and the sanitary agent for the community of Campanas de Cima, since the equipment and materials were withdrawn upon its closure in 2016.

Adilson Silva Lopes says that even a technical team from the São Filipe municipality has already inspected the building with a view to remodeling it and transforming it into a fruit processing unit for a group of women, but that the population demands that it be rehabilitated to function as a USB.


The population alerts the authorities that the operation of the unit is essential for the provision of basic health care, especially at a time when it will gain new dynamics and development with the conclusion of the construction of the Piorno/Campanas de Cima road section, which will revolutionize the island’s tourist routes, with access to Chã das Caldeiras to be made via the north, passing through this community.

Adilson Silva Lopes also pointed out that the water supply network, which is about to be completed, will not cover the neighboring community of São João, located further north of Campanas de Cima, noting that as the road section is not yet completed, it did not allow the extension of the network to that community.

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