Praia: Government launches campaign to combat discrimination in an immigration context

Praia: Government launches campaign to combat discrimination in an immigration context
Praia: Government launches campaign to combat discrimination in an immigration context

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The Government of Cape Verde launched, last Friday, in Praia, an awareness campaign entitled “Diversity Enriches Us: regardless of nationality, origin or religion, we all contribute”, aiming to combat discrimination and promote respect for cultural diversity in an immigration context.

The launch act of the campaign, which has schools as its main focus, took place at the Educational Center of Achada Grande Frente, on the outskirts of Cidade da Praia to also alert students of this school about this issue.

Among other objectives, the campaign aims to prevent discriminatory practices, negative behavior and attitudes towards immigrants, to promote knowledge and respect for the rules and regulations of the host country within the foreign and immigrant community, as well as to promote social cohesion through respect cultural diversity, origins and religions,

Cape Verde and the importance of migrations

According to the president of the High Authority for Immigration (AAI), Carmem Barros, Cape Verde is a country of departure, of origin and that also receives people from other countries, feels in practice and in everyday life the importance of migration.

For this reason, Carmem Barros underlined that the objective of this campaign is to combat and prevent discrimination based on nationality, origin, ethnicity, language and all the differences that have a cultural and other nature, of people who come from other countries, from other origins, but who are equal to all because they are human beings.

It should be noted that this campaign will be carried out through meetings with communities, conferences, brochures, dissemination of advertising spots in the media and social networks.

Main focus on schools

The campaign organized by the High Authority for Immigration through the Ministry of Family, Inclusion and Social Development, is expected to last for one year, to take place throughout the national territory, and its main focus is schools.

This campaign has the financial support of the European Union and is part of the Coop4Int – Strengthening Migrant Integration through cooperation between Portugal and Cape Verde project, implemented by the High Commission for Migrations of Portugal (ACM), the High Authority for Immigration , the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE), and the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB).

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