São Nicolau: Farmers point out losses caused by wild chickens

São Nicolau: Farmers point out losses caused by wild chickens
São Nicolau: Farmers point out losses caused by wild chickens

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Rainfed and drip plantations in several locations on the island of São Nicolau have been threatened by the wild chicken pest. In the past, the species was fought by hunters using cartridges, which are now banned.Speaking to A Nação, the young farmer and entrepreneur in the field, Alessio Sequeira, says that, since cartridges were banned, the wild chicken population has been growing significantly, causing the loss of sowing in several locations. .

This year, many farmers ended up losing their crops due to the proliferation of this animal.

“They sowed early, the rain took a while and the chicken ate the seeds. They sowed again and the chickens ate the seeds again, causing many to end up giving up, as it wasn’t worth it”, says Alessio Sequeira.

According to this farmer, whoever sows and doesn’t put stones in can be sure of losing his crop.

Difficulties also in irrigated areas

This problem, however, is not only common to rainfed fields.

“Even in irrigated areas I have a lot of difficulty doing anything at the moment because the chickens won’t let me. To sanction a plantation it is necessary to cover them, which entails a lot of costs in purchasing netting, labor and assembling the structure”, he reveals.

No solution in sight

Sequeira guarantees that farmers have tried to appeal to the Ministry of Agriculture on several occasions in an attempt to find a solution, but to no avail.

“They don’t give us any options. We don’t have any kind of medicine for them, we make a trap, it works today and it doesn’t work tomorrow, it’s very complicated,” she reveals.

Prohibited cartridges

In other times, as he says, wild chickens were fought using hunting, with shotguns and cartridges.

These resources were, however, prohibited, especially the entry of cartridges into the country’s ports and customs, with a view to combating their use for other purposes, namely crime.

This peasant, a farmer in the Chã Grande region, in Carvoeiro, says that the problem has been felt all over the island, including in other regions such as Fajã, Água das Patas, and others, and that the authorities must ensure that it is resolved. .

“It’s a situation that I think those with the right should analyze, otherwise things will become increasingly complicated for producers”, he urges, remembering that a group of farmers even created a petition asking for authorization to use cartridges for hunters with documentation into practice, but there was never any reaction from the authorities, namely the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government.

The Nation contacted the MAA delegate in São Nicolau who said, however, that it was a matter that went beyond the ministry’s delegation, as it involved other areas.

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