It Becomes Dangerous when Tinkhundla Undemocratic Government Starts to Believe It’S own Lies

It Becomes Dangerous when Tinkhundla Undemocratic Government Starts to Believe It’S own Lies
It Becomes Dangerous when Tinkhundla Undemocratic Government Starts to Believe It’S own Lies

By Zweli Martin Dlamini

Africa-Press – Eswatini. Themba Masuku,the then Acting Prime Minister(PM) commented about political issues discussed on social media during an interview with Channel S People and Places program.

Do you know what Masuku who had previously declared that he doesn’t follow social media said?. He said “lentfo lekhulunywa lakubo social media nje kwetfukwe bantfu ayisiyo”, and after realizing that he had lied to himself saying he doesn’t follow social media,he then said “kodvwa-ke bayangibikela ngoba phela mine angikulandzeli lokwe-social media”.

After trying to correct his lies,thinking that some of us didn’t notice, Masuku then continued to lie.

Well,some of us who analyze each and every word and who once worked in the acting industry, were able to even analyze Themba Masuku’s facial expression.

A facial expression always demonstrate or complement the words you are about to say.

This means before you laugh or cry, your face will tell us that,you are about to express joy or sadness, that is facial expression.

In this regard,former Acting PM Themba lied unprovoked in front of Channel S viewers and after forgetting that he previously told the viewers that he doesn’t follow social media,he mistakenly commented about issues discussed on social media.

It is for these reasons the Tinkhundla regime doesn’t tolerate an opposition,the independent media or anyone who will openly challenge it,they want to lie unchallenged to a point where they start believing their own lies.

Tinkhundla doesn’t mind lying that a Government that is struggling to provide drugs in public hospitals will attain First World Status, they will repeat the lies over and over again in their radio,TV and newspapers until they start believing their own lies.

Now Tinkhundla has adopted a new strategy, once its Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo utters outright lies, Cabinet will instruct him to keep quiet for some weeks,hoping that emaSwati will forget,he will then emerge and lie again.

After the Gege-Mbondzela blunder,Alpheous Nxumalo kept quiet for some weeks only to emerge with lies again.

Unfortunately,he has been discredited and whenever the people see him,they see “umcombotsi” consumer not a Government Spokesperson.

A Government Spokesperson must be a convincing reputable person even when he speaks,he must inspire confidence and represents the State.

But,this one is all over social media and whenever we publish his original picture where he looks like “umcombotsi” consumer, he would go to the salon to do some make-up and take new pictures trying to do damage control.

The pictures where Nxumalo looks like “umcombotsi” consumer were taken when he addressed the media recently supporting the Gege-Mbondzela evictions or demolitions on behalf Government.

The Government Spokesperson must not be concerned about his looks,he was employed to defend Government but unfortunately,he has found himself with the new task of having to defend his looks because people are now labelling him “umcombotsi”, after Lobamba Lomdzala Member of Parliament(MP) Marwick Khumalo blasted him.

The question is; why is Nxumalo using lies to attack others if he doesn’t want his reputation to be questioned,so Alpheous thinks he can attack all the people who speak to this journalist and single-handedly ban them?.

Surely,if Nxumalo was focusing on his job to defend Government as a Spokesperson,he would have earned himself the “umcombotsi” nickname.


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