The best 4 foods for when you’ve eaten a lot of salt

The best 4 foods for when you’ve eaten a lot of salt
The best 4 foods for when you’ve eaten a lot of salt

Africa-Press – Eswatini. Experts recommend the consumption of natural, whole foods, rich in fiber, potassium and water, to reduce the effects of excess sodium in the body.

There are many people who are practically addicted to salt. The taste buds quickly get used to this taste stimulus, in addition, We cannot deny that sodium is added to a long list of processed foods. such as: snacks, soups, sauces, dressings, prepared and frozen meals, pastries and even desserts. By now we all know that an excessive consumption of salt is one of the worst eating habits for health and above all is related to serious consequences for the heart and cardiovascular function. The truth is that sodium can lead to various health problems such as high blood pressure, strokes or even heart disease. Although many of these conditions tend to develop long-term and are derived from recurring salt consumption, there are some more immediate effects when too much sodium is ingested in food: bloating, excessive thirst, infrequent urination, diarrhea, weight gain, vomiting and even heart palpitations. Based on this, we undertook the task of investigating about the best foods to counteract the violent effects of excess salt on the body.

Salt, which is also known as sodium chloride, is used in various food preparations to improve taste and is a stabilizer. It is also used as a preservative, since bacteria cannot thrive in the presence of a large amount of salt. The mineral present in salt, sodium, is required by the human body to maintain a proper balance. Also, it helps to relax various muscles while conducting nerve impulses. According to the USDA, the allowable daily amount of salt that adults can consume is less than 2,300 mg per day, which is equivalent to approximately 1 teaspoon of table salt. It is important for adults to consume this amount of salt per day to maintain vital body functions.

However, if salt is ingested in excess, it can cause a A condition called hypernatremia that not only causes dehydration in the body, but also brain dysfunction. Too much sodium can also lead to muscle spasms, mental confusion, coma, seizures, and even death. The most worrying thing is that on many occasions people are not aware of excess sodium in the daily routine and in fact they do not usually add too much salt in the diet. However, they tend to consume processed foods that contain worrying levels. That is why it is particularly important to resort to the consumption of those foods, which have the ability to balance the amount of sodium present in the body.

Top 4 foods for when you eat too much salt:

1. Banana
Bananas are not only one of the healthiest fruits out there, are accessible and convenient with their hygienic natural packaging that allows us to consume them at any time. They are a nutritional treasure, it is striking that they are full of potassium, the basic mineral to counteract the effects of sodium and also it is essential to help control blood pressure levels after a salty meal. Its consumption is a great ally to reduce the risk of stroke and is rich in fiber and, therefore, can also help reduce the risk of heart disease. Best of all, bananas go great with a long list of foods, they are delicious on their own or the perfect complement in juices, smoothies, with oatmeal and in a healthy bakery.

2. Yogurt
In recent months, yogurt has positioned itself as one of the healthiest and most recommended superfoods, for many reasons. To start with, it is a food that stands out for its protein content of high biological value that provides a lot of satiety, which is why it is one of the best foods to lose weight with a lot of nutrition. What’s more, Yogurt is rich in potassium that can counteract the risk of a high sodium content and thus protects us from cardiovascular diseases. Best of all, it’s creamy and delicious, great to be enjoyed in thousands of ways, and rich in probiotics that support a healthy gut.

3. Kiwi
The sweet and sour taste of this incredible fruit that is a true nutritional treasure, It is one of the best allies to change the taste when you have recently consumed too much salt. Also, kiwi stands out for its high potassium content, which is associated with 5% of the recommended daily value and, therefore, helps neutralize the effect of the high sodium content. The enzymes present in kiwi can help break down proteins so that they can be easily digested, further reducing abdominal bloating. In addition, if that were not enough, kiwi is an exceptional source of vitamin C and therefore It is essential to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases.

4. Ginger tea
Another of the most powerful foods of the moment is ginger, which is on the list of the oldest and most powerful spices of all time. It stands out for its gingerol content, which gives it its wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It provides a delicious spicy touch in food that is related to immense versatility, it goes wonderfully in green juices, smoothies, soups, creams, marinades, stews and healthy desserts. But its intake is specifically recommended as an infusion, in fact it has been positioned as one of the best natural drink options to balance sodium levels in the body. It is an herbal tea that stimulates digestion and reduces bloating, further slowing down bloating quickly. And best of all, it promotes hydration, taking into account that thirst is a symptom of excess salt. It is perfect and comforting!

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