Africa-Press – Eswatini. Eswatini’s finest Velemseni unlocks Voice lessons for all ages, isn’t this just great for the industry, excited music lovers and upcoming artists could not hold back their excitement as they saw this as an opportunity for those who have always wanted to learn or improve their voice this will come handy to them.

Voice lessons will come in so hardy in the industry and in the kingdom in generally, sometimes I wonder maybe if we had these at schools just maybe our industry would be far by now or would have been improved because a lot of people would have grown under an education that included.

Voice lessons are about more than just singing. Vocal training engages the entire body and you will be instructed on correct posture, breathing and vowel shaping. Good singing lessons involve: Continuous diagnosis by your teacher on your personal vocal needs.
With the Voice lessons that Velemseni has open as a platform to help those that need or want to learn , Lifestyle and entertainment this week seat down and spoke to her more about this, as you read through you’ll also find out more about it.

1. You’ve been a judge for MTN Spotlight which afforded you an opportunity to work with many upcoming artists, how did this idea come along / where did you see this gap?
I’m already a teacher and have been for a few years now. The gap has been evident to me for a long time. It’s only now that I decide to try it out.

2. How do you think the lack of music lessons in schools affect the music industry for both the (industry/economy)
The lack of music lessons doesn’t allow talent to be discovered and nurtured young. Economically speaking, local students are exposed to music and singing on Sundays. The idea of music as a business is not intrenched in us until very late, along with creativity and innovation.
3. Amongst the young artists in the industry which vocalist gives you hope in taking after you nor Floewe?
I think it is a really strong generation of singers that are coming up and really so many to choose from. I love that most of them are women and that their styles and talents are all unique to each other.

4. Recently worked with most talented DJ please share how the experience and how that collaboration came about ?
Collaborating with !Sooks has been such a beautiful experience. He is such a genuine artist and his music is special. I’m really proud of the song that we made together and I’m looking forward to much more in the future.

5. I’m sorry just couldn’t resist but our minister of finance presented the annual budget speech as a seasoned act how do you feel about the budget allocated towards the arts sector ?
In the past, the arts have received the short end of the stick. I pray that in future, artists in Eswatini are protected and supported by the system. We are so rich in depth and perspective and I pray that that will be recognized and rewarded in time.
6. What would you advice to a fifth teen year old that aspires to be you ?

If a 15 year old aspires to be me, i would advise them to think again. Life can be a facade, what you think is someone’s reality can very easily turn out to be false. I would advise them after gaining inspiration from me, to look within and talk to spirit and heart. We are all sent to earth for different lessons and paths, find yours.

7. Please help a parent who has a child passionate about music by breaking down the program and how they can positively help their child pursue their dream?

Artistically gifted children are usually very loud and clear about it, sometimes parents stifle those gifts based on fears and other feelings. If a parent recognizes that their child has an interest in music, allow them the chance to explore and grow in it. I think we need to stop projecting our fears and expectations on children and listen to them for a change. The possibilities are endless when you nurture a gifted child instead of denying them their interests. Show interest, do some light research, support them and watch them excel.

About Velemseni
Velemseni’s music draws on genres such as Swazi gospel, soul, African soul, cinematic, and traditional music to interpret and capture the mysticism of the southern African terrain, both sonically and symbolically.
“We are People (2014),” the debut album by the Eswatini guitarist and soul singer, had calming vocals and outstanding musicianship. The effort was favourably welcomed, receiving playing on major radio stations across the country.
Her lovely, calm voice and acoustic guitar have graced important events such as the yearly Bushfire Festival, FNB Smooth Fest stage, The Orbit Jazz Club, and the State Opening of the Parliament of Swaziland, to name a few.
Her jazz and classical background infuses her music with a fresh African beat and a seductive sensuality, transforming her music from an emotion to a booming hymn.
Velemseni strives to leave a mark on the global canvas, keeping committed to her love for her nation and wishing to portray it with the seriousness and majesty of the mountains that surround it, with her current music video for the song “Barely” making the rounds on Trace Africa and MTV Base.

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