Former NAM Urges Gov’t to Address Price Hike

Former NAM Urges Gov’t to Address Price Hike
Former NAM Urges Gov’t to Address Price Hike

Africa-Press – Gambia. By Binta JaitehThe former National Assembly Member of Kiang Central,Bakary Camara has urged the government to address the continuous price hike of basic commodities in the country.

In an interview with the former lawmaker, Camarastressed that taking the current situation into account, the government should first work on reducing the high cost of living for the citizens which has been a challenge for the past two to three years.

He said the citizens continued to complain over the issue of price hike and still the government failed to address the situation.

According to him, Gambia is in a difficult situation because everything in the country is expensive and no solution is provided to address the matter. “A lot of people depend on others for living so if the country is not moving definitely crime and irregular migration will be rampant,” Camaranoted.

He added that since the coming of the current government, citizens were optimistic that a lot of issues would change because that was the reason why Barrow was voted into power. Gambians voted for change due to frustration and human rights violations meted out to them for 22 years, he said.

He notes that the current situation of the country is worrying and everyone should question the government.

“Majority finds it difficult to put food on the table. We all know that rent is expensive, cash power, fuel, health service, security are among the many problems faced by the people,” he cried out. Hon Camara decried rampant corruption in government as well.

“These areas should be priority to the government the moment they took power. But it seems that President Barrow failed to address all this challenges,” he remarked.

“There are clear manifestations that the current government is not performing well thus, it should be voted out or step down. Mismanagement of public funds areevident in audit reports”, Hon. Camara stated.

Ex-NAM therefore urged the citizens to desist from electing people based on tribalism but to elect them base on competence.

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