Tour De Gambia Organisation Launched

Tour De Gambia Organisation Launched
Tour De Gambia Organisation Launched

Africa-Press – Gambia. Tour de Gambia, a newly formed organisation, has formally launched in The Gambia on Friday.

The organisation was established with a mission to shape the future of cycling in the Gambia by inspiring more people to ride bicycles especially students and the youth of the Gambia.

Speaking at the launch, held Nusrat senior secoundary school, the founder, Mr Sullay Kanu revealed that, his organisation will soon host the first-ever primary, Junior and senior school cycling competetion in the Gambia.

He highlighted that, it is part of their social responsibility to nurture the next generation of cyclists and promote a culture of health and sustainability within communities.

Mr. Kanu further explained that, “beyond the competetion itself, the event will feature workshops, training sessions and motivational talks by experienced cyclists and coaches. These sessions are designed to provide participants with valuable insights into the world of cycling, from technical skills and strategies to the importance of nutrition and mental resilience”.

As the organisation’s initiative includes children’s participation, it welcomed children from different associations and schools within the greather Banjul area.

Various cultural entertainments were displayed during the lunch ceremony.

However, the president of the children’s National Assembly, Lamin Jawo, said cycling is a fun and important activity as he recalled on the days he rode to school.

“We all know the importance of sporting activities and of couse cycling is one of them,” he told the audience.

Samuel D Kodia, an associate, said they will promote safe riding conditions, provide social oppurtunities for cyclists to share experience and provide recreational cycling activities and rides for cyclist and their families in The Gambia.

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