Group demands removal of ‘skirt and blouse’ campaigners from NPP

Group demands removal of 'skirt and blouse' campaigners from NPP
Group demands removal of 'skirt and blouse' campaigners from NPP

Africa-PressGhana. Tumu, (U/W), Dec. 16- A group calling itself Loyal NPP Supporters of Sissala East Constituency is demanding the immediate removal of persons who allegedly campaigned against the party’s parliamentary candidate Amidu Chinnia Issshaku.

Their actions, the group claimed, affected the total vote cast for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who lost in the Sissala East to NDC’s John Mahama.

The group made the demand at a press conference in Tumu where it accused the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area, Mr Ridwan Abass Dauda, Mr Karim Nanyua, the Municipal Chief Executive, Dr Tanko Daniel, the Regional treasurer of the party among others who spearheaded a campaign against the NPP’s candidate.

The statement read by Mr Abdul Rauf Ahmed Dangor, a leading member of the NPP said, “These individuals who enjoyed all the juicy parts of President Nana Addo’s government ended up behaving like the proverbial fowl who scratches its beak on the ground as if it ate nothing.

“They tried all they could and made sure President and his parliamentary candidate lost in their various polling stations”.

He said their message was: “Do not vote for President Nana Addo because if he wins, Mr Amidu Chinnia will become a more popular and powerful person. He is not fit to be an MP”.

“And true to their words, they collaborated with their fellow antagonists and strongly campaigned against the MP elect.

“Their campaign was dependent on the strength of the NPP parliamentary candidate at each polling centre.”

The group in the midst of their supporters stressed that “the abysmal performance of the President in the constituency, even though its parliamentary candidate won the seat, his results brought us a new and unbelievable phenomenon of the NDC and John Mahama winning the presidential election here, while losing the parliamentary seat, due to the internal saboteurs masterminded by our outgoing MP and the outgoing MCE.”

The group demanded that all saboteurs that orchestrated and derailed the chances of the party including their accomplices should be dealt with according to the party’s constitution.

Mr Ridwan Abass, the MP in an interview denied all allegations against him and that if there was such a campaign against the parliamentary candidate, he wouldn’t have won the election.

He explained that for the MP elect to lose in some polling stations was not strange in politics saying, “I lost in some key polling stations including my own voting centre but I won the election in 2016.”

He added that he won both parliamentary and presidential election in 2016 in Sissala East from the opposition but had never complained and that it was not true that he campaigned on skirt and blouse.


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