Kadjebi GES sensitises stakeholders in education on Lively Minds programme

Kadjebi GES sensitises stakeholders in education on Lively Minds programme
Kadjebi GES sensitises stakeholders in education on Lively Minds programme

Africa-Press – Ghana. Kadjebi District Directorate of the Ghana Education Service (GES), in partnership with the Lively Minds (LM), has organised a two-day workshop for key stakeholders in education on GES Lively Minds programme.

They included the School Management Committee (SMC), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Headteachers, Circuit Supervisors, National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Social Welfare and Community Development.

The GES Lively Minds project aimed to get rural pre-school children’s school ready. It aimed to improve school-readiness of rural Kindergarten (KG) children by training Mothers to provide practical and cost-free learning and development activities in the KG and at home.

It is being introduced to 61 Districts in the northern part of Ghana, Kadjebi inclusive. To get used to the activities and tools, GES is providing a two-year package of technical assistance.

Mr Seth Seyram Deh, the Kadjebi District Director of Education disclosed these at the workshop at Kadjebi in the Oti Region. Mr Deh called on the participants to help make the programme successful in the district since their children and the community would be the beneficiaries.

He said the programme would be fully mainstreamed into the GES system and that it would become a normal part of the kindergarten (KG) school day. The District Director said each school would need to appoint a school team made up of 2 KG teachers, the Headteacher and a PTA representative and that after the workshop, they would then enroll 30-40 Mothers in their communities on to the Parenting Course.

Mr Deh added that the teachers would then give the mothers 8 start-up training workshops and that the KG teachers would serve as supervisors and support the mothers daily to run the Play Scheme in the school KG. He appealed to the participants to help prepare the child physically, intellectually, and emotionally for early childhood education.

Mr Abdulai Abdallah, the LM Set-up Co-ordinator said a 6-year-old child enrolled in school unprepared, so LM sought to improve early childhood development. He urged parents to help their children to develop physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language development because they lack these, it would be difficult for them to develop.

He added that the UNICEF Survey revealed that one out of every three children in rural areas lacked social, language, physical and intellectual development.

The participants have identified poverty, ignorance, negligence, single parenting, lack of confidence by parents, among others as some of the causes challenging parents to prepare the child for early child education.

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