Babu says he reacted after being surrounded by aggressive individuals


Embakasi Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino (pictured) has said the Friday morning gun drama where Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve, was shot on the neck and injured at a city club, was an attempt on his life by his political opponents.

In a statement, the MP said he has been receiving threats, prompting him to speak about it in public and report the same to the police.“I have been receiving threats against my life and even reported an attempted assassination at the Parliament Police Station under OB number OB21/17/11/2019. I have been living under the weight of intimidation and threats,” he said.

He claimed the gun drama at B Club was the culmination of efforts by his enemies to finish him.

An attack on his life

The MP said he was surrounded by individuals while he was in the company of his friends at the club, leading to an exchange of fire.

“While enjoying the company of my friends at a popular Nairobi restaurant, I was surrounded by a large group of aggressive individuals. In the melee, there was an exchange of gunfire,” read the statement.

Babu has appealed to the police to investigate the matter to find out who were the individuals who attacked him and what was their motive.“I invite the relevant authorities to conduct their investigations without fear or favour.

”Owino’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta said the MP reacted after aggressive people approached him as if they wanted to harm him.”The MP realised the guy who was shot was one of his close friends and rushed him to hospital,” he said, adding that the incident is regrettable.The ODM legislator urged his supporters to remain calm, adding that the incident will not stop him from serving wananchi or backing President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition chief Raila Odinga in the journey to transform the country.

How the shooting happened

The MP was arrested on Friday morning for allegedly shooting and seriously injuring the DJ.DJ Evolve is in critical condition at Nairobi Hospital where he was rushed after the shooting. He was shot in the neck.It is reported that DJ Evolve got into an arguement with Babu at the club before the 7am shooting. The two are friends, close associates said.After the shooting, Owino, other revellers and management of the club rushed the DJ to hospital.

He was taken to the theatre and the bullet that had been lodged in his neck removed. Doctors say DJ Evolve is in critical condition but stable.Babu was picked at the hospital where he was waiting for the DJ to be attended to.Police who visited the scene immediately after the shooting, said they not recovered a cartridge or the gun used.

However, the DCI later shared an update saying detetectives have recovered a firearm suspected to have been used by Mr. Owino at the B Club shooting incident. Kilimani Sub county police boss Lucas Ogara said police are investigating the circumstances that led to the incident.

Ogara said the team will review CCTV footage at the club to establish what happened. “We will talk to all concerned before we move forward,” he said.Several revellers who were present were also questioned.

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