Watch as Citizen TV Reporter Loses Physical Challenge to Raphael Tuju


AfricaPress-Kenya: Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju undertook an extreme physical challenge to celebrate the gift of life after surviving two tragic accidents – one on the road in February last year and a 2003 plane crash in Busia.

The CS made a 50-kilometre walk as part of a campaign to help raise funds for the Kijabe Mission Hospital where he received emergency treatment in the road accident.

The Jubilee boss was accompanied by Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo whom he outlasted in the 50-kilometre walk.

In a video seen by africa-press , Letoo could be seen gasping for breath as he tried to keep up with the politician. Appearing winded from the long trek, the journalist lay flat on the ground as Tuju gave him a hand up.

“Haha, don’t sit, you have to stand up, you’ll make it a lot more difficult. When you sit is when the feeling becomes worse. Just keep on standing, walking a few more steps and stretch your legs,” Tuju told Letoo.

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju being airlifted from Kijabe Mission Hospital to Karen Hospital, Nairobi, after he was involved in an accident in Nakuru County, on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The journey began at 5 am when Letoo and the camera crew arrived at Tuju’s residence. The two, flanked by an entourage, proceeded to the physical challenge meant to test one’s endurance as well as physical ability.

They embarked on the journey as they discussed Tuju’s path to recovery after he got involved in the 2020 accident which occurred along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

“Fortunately Sports CS Amina Mohamed was able to evacuate me to a local hospital (Kijabe Mission Hospital). Calls were made and a helicopter was sent from Wilson airport to come and pick me.

“By the time we reached Kijabe, they had done some of the tests, they found out that I was bleeding so profusely internally and I would not be able to make it to Nairobi chopper or no chopper.

“So I gave the authority for the doctor to go ahead with the surgery. The most affected part of my body was the intestines because of the damage caused by the belt. When the accident happened I was sleeping but fortunately, the seatbelt saved my life,” Tuju detailed.

The politician also detailed that he had developed breathing complications after the accident as his right lung was punctured. He narrated that despite his past accidents, his biggest celebration is that he is able to walk again.

“The biggest thing is that I’m able to walk with strong enough steps to challenge you,” Tuju told the reporter much to the amusement of the crew.

Further, he pointed out that after his plane crash in Busia, doctors had given him a 50 percent chance to walk again due to the damage caused to the spinal cord.

Tuju added that he underwent intense physical therapy to ensure his path to recovery was a success.


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