Authors relay significance for children’s literature

Authors relay significance for children’s literature
Authors relay significance for children’s literature

Africa-Press – Lesotho. As reading struggles to take over the broad cultural spectrum, authors have taken the matter into their own hands to impart the hobby into the young readers’

lifestyle. Through publication of material for children’s literature, local authors have posed emphasis about the importance of writing for children consumption – an essence

of proclaiming books dedicated to children – as it has been perceived that there are few publications for such target in the country. Speaking to Chief Makotoko Seeiso Bofihla, who has recently published his first book; “BUKA

YA BANA”, he said since he ventured into writing in 2020, he branded his work specifically for children consumption. “The book’s core objective is educating

children about roles played by chiefs in the communities,” he said. Bofihla said he chose this genre because he believes that any sort of behavioral change

education needs to start from the grass roots so that the results reflect in the coming generation. “In this book children are equipped with knowledge relating to their culture from

an early age so that they have loyalty for their own country and their culture as it helps them differentiate from those of other nations,” he indicated.

Bofihla explained that he ventured into the writing platform to make use of the free space to transmit the message to masses of audiences both locally and

internationally, leaving his legacy living forever. He said he writes books in both English and Sesotho to fully pass on the message and for language learning

to beginners. On his upcoming works, Bofihla promised a great compilation of Children Poetry, which is intended to reveal fundamentals of Basotho traditions

that will inform children about their legends. Writers Space Africa (WSA) Lesotho chapter President and an Author Halieo Motanyane, who specializes with short stories, novels and children’s literature emphasized

a need for more reading material for children. She highlighted the significance of instilling a reading culture into Basotho children, whom she noted that they have a worrying reluctance to

reading. “Reading is important for entertainment, but most significantly for educating about one’s culture and tradition. It is direly important to encourage this

habit from a very tender age to develop a culturally knowledgeable generation,” Motanyane advised. She said WSA Lesotho is also mandated to promote readership,

especially for locally produced publications. The platform is open to all writers and aspiring writers. Motanyane is a publishing author whose footprints include “Sekolong sa Mpho” – a book that portrays her love for children.

She says her principal emphasis is on children’s literature because it expresses love and care for children. She also has a record for a short story, “Hessy and The Lost Tooth”, which was

nominated on the third category in Wakini Kuria Awards for Children‘s Literature in 2020. She mentioned that other short stories are available on an online

Application of South Africa ‘FundZA’ as well as WSA online magazine on monthly basis. “I draw inspiration from local authors like Mpho ‘Mampeke Makara, Odilon Ramakau

and Anthony Onugba from Nigeria who is the founder of WSA. They stimulate me to strive through regardless of the hitches I face. Also, I write in Sesotho

language to make it easier for children to grasp my message and most of my work is suitable for primary schools pupils,” she added. Motanyane noted that most

authors in the country encounter obstacles of lack of pre readers and editors who assist in verifying mistakes of their productions before they are published. She called for network and collaboration of experts in this regard to intensify efforts for encouraging a reading culture.

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