LSMTA empowers students through science fair

LSMTA empowers students through science fair
LSMTA empowers students through science fair

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Lesotho Science and Mathematics Teachers Association (LSMTA) hosted its district science fair for students, both Primary and high school last week.

The aim of the fair was for students to showcase their scientific innovations and compete among themselves in mathematics and science quiz as well as to empower

students through creating their own scientific projects. The fair was held at the National University of Lesotho International School (NULIS), Roma on Thursday.

The district science fair is hosted throughout the 10 districts of Lesotho and students who win at the district fair compete at the National Science fair where

the top winner will proceed to the Eskom Expo. About 50 schools participated in the fair, 12 Primary schools and 38 secondary schools all from Maseru.

LSMTA Maseru Chairperson ‘Madamasina Matebesi mentioned that the district science fair started in 1959 and was initially intended to empower mathematics and

science teachers. She said the students were accommodated along the way. “Students invent their own scientific projects to see what they can accomplish.

These are innovations that respond to the needs of the environment, technology, electronics, mathematics and research and data collection. We used to have

robotics but due to lack of sponsorship, students no longer create such projects,” she said. Matebesi added that the science fair keeps students busy from having to engage in

gangsterism and drugs. She said the winners will have eagerness to keep on pursuing their dreams. She also highlighted that Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected

participation to the fair, saying Maseru district used to have many schools taking part. Another challenge, she said, is that the fair had not been hosted for the past three years due to lack

of sponsors. The National University of Lesotho International School (NULIS) Principal ‘Matli Toti encouraged the participants to go back and relook at the projects, adding

that the teachers ought to engage the students in all steps as they work on their projects. “We try as much as possible to fully commit our students to

clubs and sports in order to keep them busy from engaging in crimes and doing drugs,” he also said. The winners per category were as follows; Technology; 1st winner was

from New Millennium High School and 2nd winner from Itekeng High School, Environment; only one winner from NULIS, Electronics; only one winner from Tiny Tots, Mathematics only one winner from NULIS and for Research and data collection; one winner from Sefate sa Bophelo English Medium.

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