Mass defections rock ABC

Mass defections rock ABC
Mass defections rock ABC

Africa-Press – Lesotho. THE ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC) was hit by mass defections last weekend with over 2 000 supporters in Mohale’s Hoek crossing over to the newly formed Basotho Action Party (BAP).

The supporters officially joined the BAP at a rally presided over by party leader Professor Nqosa Mahao. There were about 5 000 people at the rally. Judging by the numbers at the rally, the BAP could be a serious player on the Lesotho political scene.

Just across town in Rothe, less than 50 people attended a rival rally conducted by the ABC. The numbers game did not escape Mahao’s attention who told the jubilant supporters that the new party is growing exponentially.

This was the second rally Mahao has addressed since he registered the BAP three weeks ago. He said the party would knock on people’s doors to grow the membership.

The BAP will hold a star rally in Koro-Koro this Sunday. Mahao pleaded with his supporters to turn up at the rally which he said will “be a trouble-maker”.

A total of 2 064 members officially joined the BAP. Mahao said this represented massive growth for the party which is barely three weeks old. Mahao said his party is going to rekindle hope for people who had already lost faith in politics.

“The nation has been let down and has grown impatient because of political liars who have been giving empty promises,” he said.

He said the BAP is the people’s last hope to help save the desperate Basotho nation. “God wants to save the Basotho nation,” Mahao said. The BAP is relying on a team of party activists who are knocking door-to-door to recruit new members.

The strategy appears to be working. Mahao said in 2019 they once visited Mohale’s Hoek constituency where they received a warm reception while they were still in the ABC.

He said they are still expecting the same warmth and reception when they visit the area following the split. Mahao told his supporters that “the BAP is feathering its nest with ABC followers”.

He said they had come to Mohale’s Hoek to invite people to join their party. He said what they are doing is not for an individual “but it is for God”.

Looking at the numbers of people who have joined the party, Mahao said “the number equals that of voters who elected the Democratic Congress (DC) in 2017 in the constituency”.

Mahao said what is happening is history in the making. He said his party has been “baptised by ancestors and God”, amid chants and ululations from his supporters.

Mahao advised his supporters to wear masks while attending the rallies because the Covid-19 variant is just along the borders of Lesotho and South Africa. He said the variant should not be allowed to enter the country.

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