Our Upside Down World

Our Upside Down World
Our Upside Down World

Africa-Press – Lesotho. What a marvel – of sorts, given the flipsides – is WhatsApp! One gets all kinds of posts, many of which belong to the lowly dustbin, not even the dustbin of history wherefrom they may be retrieved by some future maniac.

This is what a friend and colleague of mine who is a cardiologist in Canada, where he migrated to many moons ago, sent me. It is ascribed to a certain ‘Bishop Hassan Kukah’:

‘African educational systems have surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with first class and get admissions to medical and engineering schools.

The second class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the first class students. The third class students enter politics and rule both the first class and second class students.

The failures enter the underworld of crime and control the politicians and the businesses. And best of all, those who didn’t attend school become prophets and everyone follows them, leaving behind reason and commonsense.

’ Since geographically we are deemed to be part of the African continent, I thought that the contents of the post may interest local readers.

This is perhaps why my friend sent me the extract as I have had occasion earlier to reproduce posts that he had forwarded, equally interesting if not as cynical and revealing of what could well be some unpalatable truths.

At the very least it should invite us to reflect on what is stated therein, and in what way the contents may be holding a mirror to the situation in our own country.

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