Partnership set to ease Sino-Africa trade

Partnership set to ease Sino-Africa trade
Partnership set to ease Sino-Africa trade

Africa-PressLesotho. A Standard Lesotho Bank (SLB) and DHL Lesotho partnership to ease business for Basotho importers was this week introduced through the African China Trade Agent Proposition (ACAP).

DHL Lesotho is a leading global shipping and logistics company. The trade facility will also connect Basotho buyers of China goods with specialised agents and manufacturers to enable them get high quality goods. The trade facility is envisaged to help Basotho who imports goods from China with shipping and logistics services at affordable prices.

In a statement, SLB noted that they ventured into the collaboration to facilitate trade and make it easier for Basotho to import their desired goods from China without worrying about shipment and logistic services.

“With ACAP, Standard Lesotho Bank connects Basotho entrepreneurs and individual buyers of goods with specialised agents and manufacturers in China to facilitate the seamless sale of high-quality goods that meet their full specifications and international benchmarks and certifications.

“The offering also covers other barriers such as language, making it easy and convenient for Basotho to find quality goods cheaper and easier in the comfort of their homes,” says the SLB statement.

The statement further states that ACAP also arranges for customs clearance and shipping of goods by DHL Lesotho, which provide up to 40 percent and 60 percent discount for Basotho importers.

The bank says the ACAP offering comes at a time when international travel is becoming more expensive and highly restricted in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and it provides a necessary intervention to address these challenges, bringing convenience and reduced costs, while at the same time ensuring that Basotho businesses get high quality products and value for money, in the convenience of their homes and businesses.

It further articulates that ACAP is the solution to trade challenges countries are facing due to travel restrictions meant to combat the spread of Covid-19 while, on the other hand, it signals the importance of collaboration for the convenience of customers.

SLB further notes that the launch of ACAP in partnership with DHL is also in keeping with the strategy of the bank to connect Lesotho to the world and is a requisite enabler to Africa-China trade which is also poised to increase Lesotho’s footprint on the global digital economy.

It further notes that their offering is also aligned to Lesotho’s National Strategic Development Plan II (LSDP II) on matters relating to trade, especially Between Lesotho and China, which is estimated to account for 17 percent of all imports to Lesotho valued at around M4 billion.

DHL Country Manager, Khethang Ramalefane, says: “We are delighted to have partnered with Standard Lesotho Bank to provide this unique and cutting-edge solution for the benefit of Basotho. For us as DHL, we bring expertise of over 50 years in the business. ”

Ramalefane continues that since DHL operates in over 220 countries globally, it brings value in this partnership and feels honoured to have been approached by the ‘Bank of Stature’, who are the best in Lesotho and Africa as partners.


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