Seniors and The Ultimate Truth!

Seniors and The Ultimate Truth!
Seniors and The Ultimate Truth!

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Almost blind at birth, we would never remember our first minutes of life because our eyelids would not open. Even if they did, our eye apparatus is so immature that none of us could see our parents’ smile and ecstasy; nor could we make head or tail about our surroundings – an experience we would be entertained to an encore in the evening of our life.

Weeks later, our gaze, more focused, would distinguish movements and the smiling faces of so many visitors coming to admire our innocence. Soon we would be wiser about moving and non-moving objects.

For example, the dog will move and wag its tail but not the table, an experience that would last all our life. And as time goes by all the milestones of development will catch up with us while the influence of education would lay the basis of our character. However, the greatest inevitable stimulus to the blossoming of our life would be puberty.

From then on Mother Nature would take over: our whole body would cede to the onslaught of various hormones and chemicalsas they flood our anatomy and physiology to change our life beyond belief, such as triggering muscle building –and so also our belligerence.

But the wonder of wonders is that suddenly the opposite sex would assume a totally new and polarized appreciation in our life, stimulating our quest for unbeaten paths.

Around our third decade we would wake up to still new challenges. We would discover that we are the product of the antagonistic universal forces and Mother Nature, where the latter would win.
. temporarily. Years later we would yet again experience other such paradoxical forces as our reason and emotions would wage battle continuously within us.

And that mind?

Simultaneously we would be exposed to the greatest changes in the development of our psyche and memory. Many of us would experience a heightened mental activity and capacity to delve into more abstract thinking, analyzing the importance of our own inner feelings and reasoning, while our significance in society and the external world would dawn impressively upon us.

Our initial basic instincts, tempered by our genetic endowment and education, would be plastered over by fresh layers of volatile beliefs and concepts — all of which we would come to cherish as our own, adopting them as the hub of our inner mental and intellectual life.

As time goes by, we would get the impression that we have indulged in constructing a pyramid of ideals and beliefs – to embellish, sublimate, subdueand camouflage our ego. Depending on our genetic luck and environment some of us would climb the ladder to greater intellectual, spiritual, physical or social heights.

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