The Ha-Mopooane community needs counseling: Lord

The Ha-Mopooane community needs counseling: Lord
The Ha-Mopooane community needs counseling: Lord

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Mayor of Ha-Mopooane King Mopooane Mopooane said he was so concerned about his people who had fallen short of energy and spirit to contribute to the development of the community, that one of them was not interested in attending the rallies.

He shared these with Mopooane on Thursday’s National Voice. He reported that he has been king since 2017, trying in every way to build a visionary and self-reliant society but he sees it as a hindrance.

“What I realize about my people is that they always have confidence and reliance on the promises of politicians when they are running for office, and then they get carried away, they forget about it and then they fall into love and give up everything, and this does not help them at all because the works also see that they do not exist.

They must learn to produce, use their hands and resources to sustain their families and improve their lives and the environment as a whole. They really need something to lift their spirits and make them feel better, ”Mopooane said.

He further added that one of the dangers was that the people did not attend the rallies, saying that they refused and did not know where they were going, even though they were sharing their knowledge and ideas on how to overcome hunger,to improve and to protect the community.

“In this village we do not have water, a ground water pump was installed and the head was broken, the village committee asked for money to buy the shed but not all of the money was released.

There were also people from the Ministry of Forestry and Hundreds Development, conducting workshops here in the city all gathered in large numbers but after that, no one came to show that he was have a specific purpose or request for help.

I think one of the reasons is that this community has given up hope that among the plans they can think of, they will need water and not in the village here, and electricity is the only problem we are facing the “transformer”, “Mopooane explained.

“Another problem that frightens me is the theft of animals, especially sheep, however, my people refuse to unite to form a community that will cover the city.

This is strange because sheep are always stolen and when I order men to follow the example only then and there they come to give a vague story. Sheep are also being sold without a license which further encourages theft, ”said the mayor.

He strongly appealed to the public to be vigilant as time has not stood still, as times have changed, countries are fighting for food prices to rise, saying they should not forget how the Corona epidemic shook them , he strongly appealed to the public to refrain from self-indulgence and self-indulgence when they are betrayed and deceived.

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