When you look good, you feel good

When you look good, you feel good
When you look good, you feel good

Africa-PressLesotho. Maluti Hair and Beauty Studio guarantees outstanding beauty coupled with a feeling of completeness that come with their satisfying beauty services. Established in 2019

by Khopotso Naphtally Leuta aged 28, Maluti Hair and Beauty Studio is based in Teya-teyaneng Berea and offers professional haircut, professional hair styling,

EcoCash, M-Pesa, Khetsi and other services such as electricity, airtime and photocopying. The hair and beauty studio is one of the many he owns and it follows

the barbershop he started in 2017. Leuta is a young business driven man who has always had a desire to impact change. Looking at the market and what was

missing in his community, he executed a range of business ideas and the beauty studio is one of the many businesses he has. “Create your own image is our tagline.

The aim is to be Lesotho’s most trusted brand by providing outstanding services to everyone,” Leuta said. “To counter the challenges brought by the Covid-19 outbreak, we are dedicated to observe the

set mitigating procedures and we take in clients through appointments to administer our reception,” said Leuta in an exclusive interview with Informative

Newspaper. He noted that the business grows above the reigning conditions. He pointed out that he would like to see Maluti Hair and Beauty Studio branch in other districts as

a well-known beauty resort, reaching out to the needy through job creation. “I heard about Finite Lifestyle Club through Social media platforms besides being a fan ofFinite

Magazine. I joined the club because I would like to build a career in my company, be engaged in competitions of the Club as well as promotions and be more social,”

he said. Leuta advised people who have not yet partnered with Finite Lifestyle Club not to wait any longer as the club offers great deals. “I encourage them to partner as well, I see no regrets

but victory,” encouraged Leuta. Maluti hair and beauty studio offers 5% discount to Finite Lifestyle Club members. Email : [email protected] com Physical address: Koro-koro, Berea 200, Contact them on (+266) 59083406/ (+266) 66882010 Join Finite Lifestyle Club today and enjoy benefits!


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