Ruling Party Secretary General Accuses Transport Minister Wlue, Other Senior Govt Officials of Double Standards and Betrayal

Ruling Party Secretary General Accuses Transport Minister Wlue, Other Senior Govt Officials of Double Standards and Betrayal
Ruling Party Secretary General Accuses Transport Minister Wlue, Other Senior Govt Officials of Double Standards and Betrayal

Africa-Press – Liberia. Mr. Jefferson Koijee, Secretary General of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has publicly accused senior officials within the government of engaging in double standards and working against the interests of the CDC government. Koijee specifically targeted Samuel Wlue, Minister of Transport, and Musa Dean, Minister of Justice, for their alleged misconduct.

Expressing his concern, Koijee stated, “You think you can engage in double standards within our ranks. We have received information that you have been promised salaries until January. While we were tempted to confront you, our chairman advised against it. Take note that we are aware of your activities. If you are loyal to certain habits or a certain lifestyle that you cannot afford to disengage from, and as a result, work against the interests of this government, be warned that we were prepared to expose and shame you.”

Koijee who also serves as Mayor of Monrovia further criticized Minister Wlue of maintaining a lifestyle that he is unwilling to give up, even if it means betraying the CDC government.

These allegations coming from the Koijee were made at the CDC headquarters during a press conference held on Monday.

It is believed that the allegations stem from the issuance of a customized vehicle license plate, FIXER 2, to Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, the vice standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP), led by Mr. Alexander Cummings (FIXER 1).

Cummings, a leading opposition figure, has always criticized the Weah-led government and has promised the Liberian people that he would be the “FIXER” of the country when he is elected President in the October elections.

Additionally, Koijee claimed that Minister Wlue and other high-ranking officials within the CDC government have been participating in secret meetings with opposition politicians who promise to pay their salaries for the remaining months of President George Weah’s first term if they support their bid for the presidency against President Weah.

“Some of you who have been given the privilege to serve in this government should be cautious. Some issues have remedies. As the SG of this party, I urge you to appreciate the chairman’s intervention, as we had initially planned to publicly expose and shame you. We are determined to take action against you and any other ministers involved in double standards. This time, the consequences are severe,” warned Koijee.

These recent revelations echo the sentiments expressed by Mr. Nathaniel McGill, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, who accused government officials of mistreating the citizens. McGill further stated that if President Weah were to be reelected, many of these officials would not be retained in the government.

The CDC SG’s allegations have sparked widespread speculation about the internal dynamics within the ruling coalition.

It can be recalled the President Weah dismissed the Minister of Post & Telecommunications, Cllr. Cooper Kruah for attending the political rally of the opposition Unity Party. Cllr. Kruah is the chairman of the Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR) which now holds the vice standard bearer position of the Unity Party ticket.

In 2017, the MDR which was established by Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson was supported President Weah’s election in the runoff election and was instrumental in swaying over 90 percent of the votes in Nimba to Weah.

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