Would MLMA deny Jackie Russ an award for a second time in a row?

Would MLMA deny Jackie Russ an award for a second time in a row?
Would MLMA deny Jackie Russ an award for a second time in a row?

Africa-PressLiberia. Science tells us that everything that goes up must come down and by making a strong defense of this, they called it gravity. Literarily, Most people are afraid of heights because it’s almost impossible to climb to the top of the food chain through a chosen career, unique skill or talent without falling off balance in due time and crashing in doom. So when we have to talk about Jackie Russ , it’s compulsory to escort our vocabulary with tons of praises and accolades of respect for this well decorated Liberian Celebrity who has defied gravity.

By Edwin Elic-Jaleiba, [email protected], Contributing Writer

The only time it seemed like Jackie Russ fell to the pressure of failure was in the case where the Entertainment industry failed him. He was cheated and lost an award that even a blind man could see that it should have been won by the level headed Videographer, but as MLMA may have it, they gave it to a foreigner in a category that belonged strictly to Liberians. See, in our country brands spend thousands of dollars just to award the wrong people, all in the name of clique and favoritism. This is indeed killing creative minds because those that are regarded as the best aren’t even good enough as those that have been sidelined because they don’t have certain connect or they aren’t into the eye service lifestyle. 2021 is here and the MLMA awards is at our doorstep, We should be excited but the nominations made us doubt the credibility of the award ceremony again, this time we have every reason to think that Jackie might be cheated once more.

Who has better videos than Jackie Russ in Liberia right now? If you even manage to mention a name, the masses would think you’re cracking a joke because you know that the number one after Jackie is Jackie Russ himself. As much as Jackie is a genius to most of us, he sees himself as a work in progress because his humility and work ethics just shows that this rasta man isn’t blown away by his great achievements, he practically acts as if there’s still so much to prove. And honestly, Jackie is right because there’s still so much to prove especially in an industry where a video like Jzyno’s RULA wasn’t nominated. Jackie didn’t shoot this video but in a post on social media, he expressed his shock because Jzyno has broken boundaries with his efforts, So why is he being snubbed? Jzyno isn’t the only victim of MLMA misjudgement, a lot of very talented musicians are tied to this misfortune and this might cause an unproductive u-turn for the Entertainment industry at large. See, it’s sweeter to eat a good cake made with no icing instead of consuming a cake made out of sand but decorated with the finest icing, MLMA should give us a credible award ceremony and not just a fashion parade of clothes and music performances.


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