Kavango East faces pupil placement challenges

Kavango East faces pupil placement challenges
Kavango East faces pupil placement challenges

Africa-Press – Namibia. DEPUTY director of education in the Kavango East region Pontianus Musore says many parents didn’t apply for space for their children in advance, resulting in placement challenges at most Rundu schools.

“A lot of parents did not apply last year and only started looking for space this year, while the schools had already done their planning,” Musore told The Namibian yesterday.

He said all schools, especially those in the Rundu circuit, are full at the moment and the only registration taking place is that of pupils who applied last year and were admitted. “What we are doing now is capturing those learners without space in the Rundu circuit, and then when schools have settled down and registration is complete, we will see where we can place them,” Musore said. He added that schools outside Rundu still have space but most parents prefer that their children attend school within the town.

Statistics on the spaces available within the region will only be available towards the end of the week, as the registration process is still ongoing, he said. Acting principal of Dr Romanus Kampungu Senior Secondary School and head of the department of social science, Theofillus Kadhimo, told The Namibian that their school registration process is still ongoing. They have registered a total of 988 pupils so far, while they are still expecting 460 pupils who applied for space. The school can accommodate a total of 1 458 pupils from grades 1 to 12.

The school has a special unit which attends to pupils with disabilities, as well as a department that offers technical subjects, which Kadhimo says is part of inclusive education.

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