PDM won’t sell out – Venaani

PDM won’t sell out – Venaani
PDM won’t sell out – Venaani

Africa-Press – Namibia. Popular Democratic Movement leader McHenry Venaani has vowed to transform the country for the better without compromise, if elected as head of state.

He made the promise while addressing a PDM rally in Okalongo over the weekend.

“Do not elect pensioners, they sleep on duty, I am just 46 years old, and I am ready to change our country. I am not a tribalist, and I will not sell my country to foreigners,” Venaani told the crowd.

He then took on Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah for castigating foreign missions over meeting Independent Patriots for Change leader Panduleni Itula last week.

“For so many years, I have been engaging with ambassadors and presidents. I am not selling this country, but I will speak to anyone I want. My dear mother Nandi-Ndaitwah, interference is when you have Angolans coming to vote in Namibia and you are quiet about it, because you are benefiting from Angolan votes, and you don’t speak of interference,” he charged.

He further wants Nandi-Ndaitwah to intervene by calling the Angolan ambassador to Namibia to inform them “to stop voting in Namibia.”

He also called other opposition political parties to stop attacking him. “Stop attacking Venaani and PDM. It is not in my nature to attack other political leaders, but I want to warn one party leader to stop thinking that wisdom is in the purview of your party,” he said without disclosing the name of the purported party leader.

Venaani then took a dig at those who left the ruling party after failing to secure leadership or ministerial positions, some who have now established their own political formations.

“Now you are saying Venaani is not serious, you are telling people you will bring change. When did you become serious if you could not bring change when you were in Swapo, and had a position?” he asked.

He gave parties and leaders who quit Swapo 10 years before reverting to the ruling party.

He said if other political parties hear he was in Omusati region, they will campaign in all villages, telling people that Venaani wants to bring war in the country and give empty promises.

He added: “Those who will come to intimidate you, tell them they must not talk nonsense, they must tell you how they are going to change and improve your lives.”

“I will bring no war to this country; I am a man of the people. I am calling on the ruling party Swapo to let us have an election campaign that is free, fair and without political intimidation.”

The PDM leader also pledged to create new job opportunities by providing more support to the youth.

“The youth are energetic, spontaneous, innovative and creative. They do not see the same barriers for change to happen. They themselves are the change,” said Venaani.

“It is our duty to return honour to our young people, to give them the opportunity to thrive in an enabling environment. We need to create stepping stones for the next generation in order to ensure they can participate in building a new Namibia,” he said.

The politician also promised quality education that prepares youth to compete regionally and internationally.

If voted into power, Venaani promised PDM would reduce the Cabinet to 15 ministers, and only four deputy ministers.

“Housing and sanitation are basic human needs. PDM will provide the urban poor with free plots, and in addition launch a people’s sanitation supply programme,” he said.

He added that he will also provide water from the Atlantic Ocean, and every village will have a dam.

He had a message for the electorate to show up in their hundreds on voting day, as staying away would mean they “are voting the current systems in place”.

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