Let’s look at money this way

Let’s look at money this way
Let’s look at money this way

Africa-Press – Seychelles. The most important thing when it comes to getting money is building a money consciousness. A friend recently told me that they were tired of running pay check to pay check. That even when they diversified and got another source of income, the situation has persisted.

I told them the best thing is to rewire one’s money consciousness, basically reorienting your relationship with money.

One of my best videos on money is that interview with Khanyi Mbau, a South African actress. Something awakened in me when she said the statements; ‘money feels comfortable around me, money recognises me, when money needs someone to talk to, it will look for me.’

Sounds simplistic but there is a frequency of money. And every level of money is a different frequency. Sometimes it really feels like a game. Like the first time I got my first million, my eyes opened. I was like; ‘oh wait, so this world existed all along.’ You then acclimatise to that level, and build up the required energy to climb to the next level.

The physical component of money is always the last thing. The first thing to work on are the soft parts of money. I always excuse myself when conversations of scarcity come up. I will close my ears. Like every small thing you are doing today, basically becomes you in the nearby future.

The other thing is that I also no longer look at money from the point of expenditure. For me, every expense of mine, I try to treat it as an investment. Then you are able to make better choices. If I have a meal with a friend, it is an investment in our relationship. That is reframing your relationship with money.

When I am low on cash, I look at it as a value problem. Basically, how can I create more value?

Of course everyone will say, tell your friend to save more, cut down the expenses, budget better. All those practical financial tips. But I have found the soft-work more important, the bit around one’s relationship with money. One’s internal wiring when it comes to money. Love money, treat it well, never think of any of your money choices as wasted. Money is currency, it is always moving to where it feels safe. You can even joke about it, that every time you give money, it returns to you a hundred fold.

The soft work with money is the hardest thing…

This soft work is a continuous work, sometimes it could mean giving yourself money challenges such as, ‘try to raise 500K in 12 hours’ from your friend circles. One of the games we wanted to play with my friends was to go to Malawi with nothing else in our wallets and try to find a way to make money and see who would return home first.

Also most importantly, when you make some money, buy yourself something that is really valuable, so that whenever you look at it, it opens you to the value of money in your life. It is like conditioning your mind. It could mean a classic watch, a good shirt…

That soft part of money is the hardest thing, it is a full re-wiring of the brain, the pysche.

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