Kunike Sanda Chiefdom Youth Council Leads Zero Kush Campaign to Combat Drug Menace

Kunike Sanda Chiefdom Youth Council Leads Zero Kush Campaign to Combat Drug Menace
Kunike Sanda Chiefdom Youth Council Leads Zero Kush Campaign to Combat Drug Menace

Africa-Press – Sierra-Leone. The Kunike Sanda Chiefdom Youth Council, under the leadership of Mohamed Samuel Kargbo, has been at the forefront of the fight against kush and related drugs in the Chiefdom and Sierra Leone since 2022. Their initiative, the Zero Kush Campaign, has garnered significant attention and support from various stakeholders within the community and beyond.

The campaign kicked off with a peace jogging event, drawing participants from diverse organizations and constituencies. Alongside the physical activity, attendees were treated to informative speeches highlighting the devastating effects of drug addiction. The council spared no expense, allocating approximately 10,000 Nle towards refreshments and a sound system for the event.

In 2023, in collaboration with Mr. Yoni Sesay, the council launched the Masingbi Army Against Kush and other related drugs. This comprehensive initiative included sensitization efforts in villages, schools, ghettos, and bars, as well as house-to-house visits to raise awareness and apprehend dealers in collaboration with the Masingbi Police.

A significant milestone came in mid-2023 when the council introduced Drug Addict Health Maintenance, becoming the first institution to provide support to addicts with medication, food, cash, clothes, and drug education. The collaboration with the Masingbi Community Health Center and medical practitioner Tane B proved instrumental in delivering essential services to those in need.

Despite their tireless efforts, the council expressed disappointment at the lack of support from Chiefdom and district stakeholders. In response, they called upon the government, NGOs, and development partners to convene an emergency meeting involving high-ranking officials and set a two-month ultimatum for significant progress in addressing the kush menace. Failure to show progress would result in suspension, with the council confident that this approach could eradicate kush from Sierra Leone within a month.

Additionally, the council advocated for an end to the stigmatization and mistreatment of kush addicts, emphasizing the need for proper treatment and care. They highlighted the vulnerability of young people to drug abuse and commended the efforts of law enforcement, particularly Officer in Charge Dumbuya of the Masingbi Police Station, for their collaboration in combating the drug trade.

The council’s proactive stance has garnered praise, and they appeal for continued support and understanding from relevant authorities and stakeholders. They invite individuals and organizations to join their cause and contribute to the fight against drug abuse in Sierra Leone. For more information or assistance, contact 079075988/080357884.

The Kunike Sanda Chiefdom Youth Council’s commitment to combating drug abuse is a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives in addressing societal challenges and promoting positive change.

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