The film industry is losing its momentum: Sohel Rana

The film industry is losing its momentum: Sohel Rana
The film industry is losing its momentum: Sohel Rana

Africa-Press – Sierra-Leone. Sohel Rana has made outstanding contributions in showbiz, not only as a noted actor, but also as a director and producer.

He produced Bangladesh’s first Liberation War movie “Ora Egaro Jon” and was honoured with the lifetime achievement award from the National Film Awards, among other accolades.In a conversation with The Daily Star, the “Masud Rana” actor opens up about his career, the release of his latest movie, and more.

How do you feel about the recent release of your movie “E Desh Tomar Amar”?I wasn’t even informed about the release of the movie, I got to know about it through newspapers.

I have a lot of expectations regarding the film “E Desh Tomar Amar” as it had a good director, producer and incredible actors. I am really close with the film’s producer Dipjol and its director F I Manik. I believe audience reception would have been good if it was released earlier.

What would you like to say about your co-artistes Miju Ahmed and Diti who passed away prior to release of the movieBoth of them were my favourite co-artistes and their deaths really shocked me. I couldn’t believe that they were gone.

You have won many accolades in your career, including the National Film Award for lifetime achievement. Do you have any regrets?

Actually, I wanted to be a musician, not an actor. One of my other regrets would be not receiving the Swadhinata Padak.

In 1965, I was imprisoned in jail as a part of the Chhatra League. I also fought in the Liberation War in 1971, so it truly saddens me that I was not given that honour.

Do you stay up-to-date with the happenings at BFDC?

I do stay updated, even though the glorious days of BFDC are over. Our film industry is losing its momentum, and it will take a lot of time for us to overcome certain challenges. However, I believe that the fraternity has a good future. It will keep evolving, and new and talented artistes will revive it. But it will take time; nothing will change for the next five to ten years.

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