Why Sierra Leoneans are happy with challenge to Maada Bio’s bloodshed and bullying – Op ed

Why Sierra Leoneans are happy with challenge to Maada Bio’s bloodshed and bullying – Op ed
Why Sierra Leoneans are happy with challenge to Maada Bio’s bloodshed and bullying – Op ed

Africa-Press – Sierra-Leone. DO we need to catalogue all the bloodshed President Bio has committed in Sierra Leone since his NPRC days and since he came to power in 2018 for anybody to understand why many Sierra Leoneans rejoiced today for the first strong open challenge to his misrule?

Nobody has shed blood in Sierra Leone for politics , apart from Foday Sankoh, more than Maada Bio . Nobody has violated and abused the constitution and Rule of Law more than Maada Bio. Bio is the tyrant we have never had in our country before.

Hypocrite Sierra Leoneans are condemning Adebayor for calling for the challenge to Maada Bio’s power . Have they forgotten how Maada Bio killed our kids in Makeni, Tombo, Mile 91, Lunsar, Tonko Limba, etc ; how he sent police to beat our MPs and drag them out of Parliament; how Bio illegally removed 10 APC politicians without even batting an eyelid; how SLPP supporters rejoiced and gloated about each and every one of these incidents ; how they showed no sympathy and did not condemn Maada Bio in any way? Rather, they glorified him .

SLPP supporters justified the killings of our innocent citizens and have even been threatening to do worse to those who criticize or challenge this government. Have they forgotten how Maada BIO sent thugs and police to massacre hundreds of people at the Pademba Road Prisons?

Do you know how many breadwinners Maada Bio threw out of jobs illegally because they do not speak the same language as he? Look at the harassment and unnecessary advantage being taken of the Auditor General Lara Taylor Pearce , the Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki- Sawyer and politician Femi Claudius Cole because they are doing their jobs. Look at politician Mohamed Kamarainba virtually dying in prison . What did he do to deserve that? He was denied bail for allegedly committing a bailable offense. He is dying in prison and none of you are talking for him. Why should one man be so wicked to his fellow men?

Maada Bio was shedding blood and taking advantage of people and nobody was challenging him . He seemed to be getting away with everything and he was enjoying it . He did not care for the pain he was causing. Anybody who complained openly was arrested . It went to the point where he even arrested a stroke victim who had to be helped to walk and a mentally challenged boy just for speaking their minds .

So, if some people are rejoicing because Adebayor challenged Maada Bio’s bloodshed , atrocities and bullying , why shoud it be a problem? Adebayor is the first and only man that has proved a match to Maada Bio. Bio has bought, cowed or silenced everybody in the country , including civil society, political parties, pressmen and women, parliamentarians, legal professionals and almost everybody else. He has even turned bitter critics into sycophants.

If people are hailing Adebayor, it is not because they are happy to see chaos or the deaths of our citizens. It is because Adebayor is the first and only person to give the nation hope , to show the nation the way and the light; to prove that Sierra Leoneans can get this GEGEH NAR THROAT out of their backs without a military coup, even if he rigs next year’s elections. Adebayor is the only man that has made Maada Bio worry that he could lose power next year.

Maada Bio’s humiliation by Adebayor is victory for the many citizens whose blood this wicked president has shed . It is victory for the many people whom he has been taking advantage of with impunity , with nobody seeming to have the guts to challenge him. It is victory for any decent person who is tired of Bio’s dictatorship , totalitarian governance, tribalism, bloodthirsty rule and bullying of innocent people . When a bully is challenged at last, his victims rejoice. It is part of life . As children, we rejoiced when the schoolyard bully met his match at last.

We are deeply sorry for the many precious lives lost today as a result of the demonstration. We extend our deepest condolence to the families . But the person to blame for all these deaths is President Bio . He provoked people to take to the streets. When you extinguish every avenue of complaints , you provoke people to lose their patience and resort to strikes and demonstrations.

Sierra Leone has always been s country of hypocrites and citizens with double standards. The same people denouncing Adebayor today would have been jubilating if this demonstration had taken place during APC rule.

Do not mind all the false piety and fake sympathies for those who lost their lives today . It is because the demonstration was against their SLPP party that does no wrong. They rejoiced when our children were killed in Makeni, Tombo, Lunsar, Mile 91, Tonko Limba; they are even secretly rejoicing at the killings in Makeni today. What changed today ? Hypocrites and devious people. God will judge them one day.

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