AfricaPress-Tanzania: CHRISTIANS are celebrating Easter which here in the country, Christian religious leaders have said this year, this festival carries the message of further prayer for the nation so that unity, peace, love and solidarity lasts and Tanzanians have a new hope.

In addition, the leaders of the various sects, urged the faithful to pray for wisdom, knowledge and prudence for the new leaders of the Government led by President Samia Suluhu Hassan who swore recently after the death of Dr. John Magufuli.

Speaking at different times to this newspaper, the leaders said together the nation that in the period of mourning for the death of Magufuli, Tanzanians should remember that, there is no period that lasts in human life so Easter gives them new hope to overcome grief and enter a new hope.

The General Secretary of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), Father Charles Kitima (pictured), said, “We as Catholic Christians like to use this Easter celebration as we are in a state of mourning but we must pray for peace, love and solidarity”.

He commended Tanzanians for respecting the Constitution due to President Samia Suluhu Hassan receiving the presidency in peace and tranquility which he said shows the fruits of real liberation and real progress to follow and respect the Constitution.

“We have found the President out of respect for the Constitution and the new President found in honor of the Constitution is the first female President in Tanzania. It is sad and happy in it, Tanzania’s desire to get a president in this good order gives us the strength to give God a chance, obey God’s voice, respect the Constitution and give cooperation to the new President and his government, ”said Dr Kitima.

For his part, the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), North West Diocese, Dr. Abednego Keshomshahara, said this Easter offers hope of eternal life and is only after Good Friday held in commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ. there is hope

the new joy that Easter brings.

“These two things show us that life has not only one side of the problem, but there is hope and success, not just tragedies and diseases, but there is a side to recovery, recovery and success even in the midst of this national tragedy. .

“Easter shows us that there is no one side of the problem but after the crisis there is success, there is new hope for us. Not only do we live on Good Friday but there is also Easter that brings new hope against

The challenges of disease and disasters, ”said Bishop Keshomshahara.

The Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bukoba, Method Kilaini, said this Easter is to thank God for all and to continue to mourn with Christ for the nation.

“Just as Christ was raised from the dead, we are also raised with him in our tribulation and anguish. Let us rise with him by praying for new leaders including the new President Samia to do more than his predecessor in serving the people. Let’s pray for calm and we will go safely, ”said Kilaini.

Bishop Kilaini urged Tanzanians to be united, forgiving, helping and sticking together as love should be the main message of Easter. “Let us be united as Christ taught us, the one Tanzania we inherited from our founders to protect”.

Speaking on Good Friday and Easter, the Information Officer of the Christian Community of Tanzania (CCT), Rev. John Kamoyo, said the presence of Good Friday brings great hope for the coming of Easter so sad moments in human life are inevitable but there is hope in the resurrection. Jesus Christ heals those sorrows.

For his part, the Bishop of the ELCT, Eastern and Coast Diocese, Dr Alex Malasusa, preaching at Good Friday Service yesterday at the University of Dar es Salaam Church, explained the uniqueness of this year’s Easter for Tanzanians that it has found the country in the past. grief and peace after the death of Dr. Magufuli and encourage believers to trust God in life.

He praised the state of stability and maturity of the country during the mourning period of the death of Dr. Magufuli and said that God is above this nation.

He said through Magufuli, he wants everyone to learn that what a person remembers is not the number of years he has lived on earth or the number of years he has served but what he does in serving God’s purpose in any given position.

“Be a class leader, student, any leader. God’s purpose, what have you done. Experts who look at the life of Jesus say that Jesus’ preaching work was done in three years, but to this day we continue to revive his life, ”said Bishop Malasusa.


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