Mukuru Becomes A Platform For DStv Payments

Mukuru Becomes A Platform For DStv Payments
Mukuru Becomes A Platform For DStv Payments

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. DStv subscribers in Zimbabwe now have an additional method for paying their subscriptions, with the inclusion of the Mukuru platform in the methods available for payments.

According to Liz Dziva, MultiChoice Zimbabwe publicity and public relations manager, Mukuru became a channel for subscriptions in November, just in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament, a major focus for the many Zimbabweans who value the DStv offering to subscribers of all the games on several bouquets and up to half the matches on other bouquets. Said Dziva:

Mukuru is one of the most popular platforms for sourcing cash and payments for Zimbabweans from all walks of life and we are delighted it is now one of the means by which Zimbabweans can have access to the various DStv products.

Mukuru has more than 200 branches and booths across the country and these are all accessible for DStv subscription payments, giving huge convenience to a great many existing and new viewers.

The commission charged for payments is low, from US$1 for DStv Lite all the way through to US$3 for DStv Premium. Added Dziva:

We know this will be a major benefit to subscribers and we look forward to Mukuru playing a key role in making payments easier for DStv viewers across Zimbabwe.

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