Police Identify Suspects In Shooting Of Rapper AKA And Chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane

Police Identify Suspects In Shooting Of Rapper AKA And Chef Tebello
Police Identify Suspects In Shooting Of Rapper AKA And Chef Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. The KwaZulu-Natal police have identified the suspects involved in the shooting and killing of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and his friend, chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, according to a police statement. Forbes and Motsoane were assassinated in February outside the Wish restaurant on Durban’s Florida Road.

The police commissioner, Nhanhla Mkhwanazi, stated that a dedicated team of investigators is diligently building a strong case before making any arrests. The goal is to ensure a comprehensive and robust court case rather than rushing with an incomplete one. eNCA cites him as saying:

So when we end up in court on the day … we’re going to have a very lengthy court case.

Do we want to go to court tomorrow with a half baked case? No.

Mkhwanazi stated that the list of suspects is expanding, with some already in custody for other offences. The police have made significant progress, having identified the shooters, obtained the murder weapon, and secured the getaway car. Through detailed analysis of phone calls made in the vicinity of the crime scene, investigators have established connections between suspects and their communication networks. Mkhwananzi added:

I think we’ve downloaded over 25 phones that we’ve collected that we’ve been analysing since then. That much data that we received.

There are volumes and volumes of video clips that we’ve been watching that we’ve been dealing with throughout the investigation, and we have been able to even see the things that we did not pay attention at the time.

He said extensive footage from CCTV cameras has been meticulously reviewed, enabling the identification of individuals involved in the crime. The investigation has also led to the detection of additional vehicles related to the incident. The police have been working tirelessly, and due to the vast amount of evidence gathered, they have had to provide extra resources for storage.

While the investigation continues, Mkhwanazi emphasized the importance of presenting a fully developed case in court. The intention is to apprehend all suspects involved simultaneously, including the shooters, organizers, and those who ordered the hit. He said the police are committed to ensuring justice and are diligently piecing together the puzzle of this complex case.

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