Police Officer Steals US$24 000, Goat Thief Found Sleeping In Pen

Police Officer Steals US$24 000, Goat Thief Found Sleeping In Pen
Police Officer Steals US$24 000, Goat Thief Found Sleeping In Pen

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. Tobias Pedzisayi, a member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), was arrested on April 09, 2024, after he allegedly broke into an office and stole US$ 24,000.

Pedzisayi (34), who is stationed at Karoi was arraigned before the Karoi Magistrates’ Court facing charges of unlawful entry.

He was allegedly caught on CCTV camera breaking into the complainant’s office at around 1 AM on 03 March 2024. Said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA):

In the CCTV footage, the accused person is allegedly seen breaking a safe using an unidentified object. He allegedly got away with USD24 000. The accused person also stole the CCTV camera which captured his activities.

The complainant found out about the infraction at around 0600hrs and made a report to the Police, leading to the accused person’s arrest on the 9th of April 2024.
The accused person allegedly bought a residential stand, motorcycle and building material worth USD6 000 from the proceeds and all were recovered.

Pedzisayi will be back in court on 16 April 2024.

In another case, A 32-year-old man, Sipho Moyo from Pumula East, Bulawayo was brought before the Inyathi Magistrates’ Court facing attempted stock theft charges.

The court heard that on 08 March 2024, the complainant’s herd boy went to release goats from the pen.

Shockingly, the herdboy found Moyo sleeping inside the pen. Moyo was then apprehended by the villagers and a search was conducted leading to the recovery of two knives.

He was interviewed by the villagers and he said that he had come with his friend who is still at large. The friend had left him sleeping on the ground.

A report was then made to the Police leading to Moyo’s arrest. He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment of which 6 months were suspended for 5 years. He will serve 6 months effectively.

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