Ricky Fire Warns Artists Against Drugs

Ricky Fire Warns Artists Against Drugs
Ricky Fire Warns Artists Against Drugs

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. By Stephen Tsamba – ZIMDANCEHALL artist Ricky Fire has warned fellow musicians to stay away from drugs and find other means to make money outside music.

This follows reports of substance abuses by several artists.

Ricky fire, real name Tulani Takavada, took to his social media to warn other artists to not take drugs.

“To all my fellow artists, if you haven’t started taking drugs please do not start now because it’ll be a problem for you tomorrow. A lot of people now want to quit drugs but because of strong addiction it is difficult for them. There are those people who want to abandon the habit, but my first plea is that you pray strongly then seek out rehab,” he said.

“As you see me here, I have not tried drugs since birth and sometimes I sang about marijuana but to be honest I do not even smoke,” he said.

“Another thing as well, Artists should not wait for money from music especially here in Zimbabwe. Look for something to do like a business so that you won’t cry tomorrow if music becomes difficult,” he said.

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