What your nail colour says about you, according to experts

What your nail colour says about you, according to experts
What your nail colour says about you, according to experts

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. There are two types of women at the salon: those who know the name of their nail colour of choice off by heart and ask for it before they’ve even sat down, and those who spend ages agonising about the various shades on the colour wheel, not knowing which one to choose.

You may think selecting a nail colour is as simple as deciding what’s pretty, but experts agree there’s more to it.

They also agree that your colour preference says a lot about your personality. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times it is more subtle.

It is fair to assume that someone who alternates between various neon shades has a very different personality type to someone who wears the same nude shade all year round.

Here is what the experts at Mavala, a nail products company, believe the most popular nail colours say about those who wear them.

Red – glamorous and classic

Gloria Williams, Oprah Winfrey’s personal pedicurist for the last 12 years, says that people who choose a bold red nail colour are “daring and pretty independent” and are “not afraid to take chances.”

Williams’s presumption rings true if we look at women who famously chose red (think Marilyn Monroe or Rihanna). Red nails are also universally associated with glamour and are considered a timeless classic.

Nude – low maintenance

According to Reader’s Digest, nude nails are a sign of being low maintenance.

Nudes indicate that the wearer likes to care for themselves and look polished but isn’t aiming to make a statement. Many people also associate nude nails with professionalism and classic style.

Dark hues – creative and sensitive

Industrial psychologist Bernardo Tirado says, “People who choose black as their favourite colour are often artistic and sensitive. While these people aren’t introverts, they are careful with the details of their lives and do not share easily with others.”

Indigo, black or dark nails are commonly associated with creativity. A popular choice among musicians and artists, black and blue nails are edgy and modern.

Neons – Statement nails

Yes, you’ve guessed it – neons are there to be seen and to make a statement.

International celebrity nail artist Miss Pop says that women who wear neon colours on their nails are likely “the life of the party”. Neons also signal spontaneity and a taste for adventure.

Pink – It depends…

It depends on the shade of pink. The experts over at Total Beauty believe that a bright or hot pink indicates a “sassy and likeable personality as well as a good sense of humour”. In contrast, a soft or pale pink speaks to women who are ladylike and “natural-born nurturers.”

Pale pink is often associated with royalty, as the late Queen Elizabeth of England and Kate Middleton famously wear natural-looking soft pink on their nails.

White – fresh and chic

According to Gerry Holford, a manicurist at Paintbox nail studio in New York City, white nails are “fresh and chic” and “lends an element of youth to anyone wearing it.” White nails often indicate a youthful personality, while some associate it with being logical and organised.

Interesting? Yes. True? Perhaps, but not necessarily.

The experts at Mavala encourage women to wear any nail colour they like and have fun experimenting with different shades – even when it falls outside their comfort zone.

*Information supplied by Freebees PR and Marketing on behalf of Mavala South Africa.

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