“ZANU PF Conducts Civic Education Targeting The Police Force”

“ZANU PF Conducts Civic Education Targeting The Police Force”
“ZANU PF Conducts Civic Education Targeting The Police Force”

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. ZANU PF has launched a civic education campaign termed “ideology training” targeting police officers.

Police officers are currently going under internal training where ZANU PF officials are educating the cops on the party’s ideologies, The Standard reported quoting Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officials.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed that the cops were undergoing the training but professed ignorance of ZANU PFs involvement. He said:

I can confirm that the police are undergoing [civic education] training.

But as to the allegations [that Zanu PF is facilitating], I am not aware.

According to The Standard, there are documents which show that police officers have been directed to attend the training this week.

The training starts at 8 am ending at 4:30 pm at police district headquarters across the country.

A high-ranking police officer who spoke to The Standard on condition of anonymity said senior police officers from the Police Updating Centre were accompanying the ZANU PF officials for the training.

The “civic education” training has already been done in Harare and Bulawayo police districts. Said the officer:

We have received a radio (police internal communication) this morning (Friday) that every police officer should attend what they call the civic education training.

The training has been done in Harare and Bulawayo, with ruling party officials facilitating them.

According to the internal communication, the police officers will divide themselves into two groups at each station in every district so that one group attends the training while the other conducts the policing work. The radio emphasised that everyone should attend.

Some officers who attended the training said they were being ordered to “know where your bread is buttered”. One officer said:

During the training, there were police officers from the PUC and some party officials who told us generally about the need for us to vote for Zanu PF.

They were emphasising the need for us security officers to defend the vote.

We were told that the ruling party, which forms the government was thriving to improve our welfare and we had to bear that in mind as we cast our votes this year.

Police officers have over the years been accused of being partisan in the execution of their duties and responsibilities.

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