ZERA Reduces Fuel Prices With Effect From 4 December 2023

ZERA Reduces Fuel Prices With Effect From 4 December 2023
ZERA Reduces Fuel Prices With Effect From 4 December 2023

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has reduced diesel and petrol prices in both United States dollars (USD) and in Zimbabwean dollars with effect from 4 December 2023. In a statement published by Pindula News, ZERA said the new prices are as follows:

Diesel 50 (ZWL/litre) 9 732.61;

Diesel 50 (US$/litre) 1.68;

Blend – E20 (ZWL/litre) 8 999.06;

Blend – E20 (US$/litre) 1.55

ZERA announced that the fuel prices will be effective until 4th January 2024. The regulator set the blending ratio at E20. According to ZERA, operators have the option to sell petroleum products below the prescribed prices if they have trading advantages. Operators must display the prices prominently as per the fuel pricing regulations. Stakeholders are advised to verify the petroleum price releases on the official ZERA website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Fuel Prices Trend:
November 2023:

Diesel 50: ZWL$9 971.19/litre

Diesel 50: US$1.74/litre

Blend – E20: ZWL$8 957.19/litre

Blend – E20: US$ 1.56/litre

October 2023:

Diesel 50: ZWL$10,032.51/litre

Diesel 50: US$1.79/litre

Blend – E20: ZWL$9,247.71/litre

Blend – E20: US$1.65/litre

September 2023:

Diesel 50: ZWL8 160.44/litre

Diesel 50: US$1.76/litre

Blend – E20: ZWL$7 648.14/litre

Blend – E20: US$1.65/litre

August 2023:

Diesel 50: ZWL7,492.63

Diesel 50: US$1.65,

Blend – E20: ZWL7,300.72

Blend – E20: US$1.61

July 2023:

Diesel 50: ZWL9,200.03

Diesel 50: US$1.58;

Blend – E20: ZWL9,113.66

Blend – E20: US$1.57.

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