ZERA Hikes Fuel Prices For October

ZERA Hikes Fuel Prices For October
ZERA Hikes Fuel Prices For October

Africa-PressZimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced new fuel prices effective Tuesday, 5 October 2021.

According to a notice issued by the energy regulator on Tuesday night, the maximum pump price of diesel has been set at ZWL$122.13 or US$1.38 per litre while that of petrol has been capped at ZWL$123.71 or US$1.40 per litre.

This is a significant increase from the fuel prices for September. Last month ZERA set the cap for the price of diesel at ZWL$115.15 or US$1.34 per litre and petrol at ZWL$118.42 or US$1.38 per litre.

In its latest fuel price adjustment, ZERA said operators may sell at prices below the cap depending on their trading advantages.


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