Angola celebrates National Culture Day on Sunday

Angola celebrates National Culture Day on Sunday
Angola celebrates National Culture Day on Sunday

Africa-Press – Angola. Angola celebrates this Sunday, January 8, the Day of Culture, a date of enormous political and social relevance for the national identity, characterized by its different artistic and cultural manifestations, its diversity and the sense of endogeneity.

This year, the cultural days began on the 5th of January and should last until the 9th of the same month, in reference to the Centenary of António Agostinho Neto, the first President of the Republic, marked on the 17th of September.

The commemoration was instituted in 1986, in homage to the speech by President António Agostinho Neto, on the occasion of the inauguration of the members of the Union of Angolan Writers (UEA), in 1979.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism organizes the main act, on the 9th of January, with musical themes, a poetry recital and the traditional award of Diplomas of Merit to cultural agents, who have contributed significantly to the development of National Culture.

At the opening of the days, the minister, Filipe Zau, after placing a wreath on the sarcophagus of Agostinho Neto, highlighted the importance of the National Culture Day celebrations as they take place in the spirit of national unity and capable of reflecting the ideals and aspirations of the founder of the nation.

He referred that the celebrations will be around the speech made by the “Founder of the Nation”, in 1979, at the Union of Angolan Writers (UEA), on national culture, where the “spirit of national unity” was exalted.

He explained that one of his concerns has always been the need to create a climate of harmony in terms of national unity, for the consolidation of independence.

Also according to the official, Angola as a pluricultural and linguistic country must remain united, as cultural identities are diverse, but the greatest sense of nationality lies in the ideology that unites the Angolan peoples.

For Filipe Zau, “Angolanity” should be the motto to follow in the construction of an increasingly inclusive Angola, regardless of social and cultural differences.

Under the motto “Identity, Diversity and Culture of Angolanity”, it is never too late to remember an excerpt from Neto’s 1979 speech, ́ ́culture cannot be inscribed in chauvinism, nor does it intend to avoid the dynamism of life. Culture evolves with the material conditions and, at each stage, corresponds to a form of expression and implementation of material acts ́ ́.

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