Angola wants African countries in the UN Security Council

Angola wants African countries in the UN Security Council
Angola wants African countries in the UN Security Council

Africa-Press – Angola. Angola defends the need to reform the United Nations Security Council to allow the inclusion of African countries in this body. The position was presented this Monday (24), in Luanda, during a seminar on the organization and functioning of the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies, promoted by the Diplomatic Academy Venâncio de Moura.

The consultant, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who spoke about the Security Council, underlined that Angola believes that the Security Council should be reformed, as Africa is not represented. “Africa must be well represented for the simple fact that it is a large continent with a considerable number of member countries”, he highlighted.

Márcio Burity referred that Angola has been defending in all the high-level debate sessions of this body, whether presidential or ministerial, the reform of the Security Council in order to allow regional representation.

“Angola has been very vocal and has called attention to the need to reform the Security Council. It is the body that has undergone the least reforms during its 77 years of existence, members of the Security Council,” he said.

The specialist spoke about the behavior adopted by some Member States, mainly the great powers, which have not embraced what the United Nations Charter recommends. He said that over the years the United Nations, especially the Security Council, has experienced some crises.

He cited the crisis in Iraq and, currently, in Ukraine: “The Security Council has failed in its mandate to maintain international peace and security.”

In the case of Ukraine, he added, on three occasions, the Security Council failed to decide on the various proposed Resolutions that were presented and transferred the decision to the United Nations General Assembly.

“This body is losing its effectiveness, but at the same time the member states are aware that they cannot abandon or weaken the organization”, he said, believing that member states will find the best way to deal with issues related to peace. and security, which is the mandate mainly of the Security Council”, he said.

The director of the Venâncio de Moura Diplomatic Academy, Marcos Barrica, highlighted the importance of the United Nations week, stressing that this body is the political platform where many problems are resolved.

Marcos Barrica made it known that the seminar is intended to provide information on the organization and functioning of the United Nations, above all in the practical aspect. He said that the Academy, which is promoting this seminar, wants diplomats to know in depth how the different problems that countries present at the United Nations are dealt with.

“The United Nations, which was born in a context between world wars, currently has a different context. The adopted format, perhaps, must now be compromised”, he defended.

On the reform of the Security Council, the diplomat said that this body is losing some credibility because of what many have called a “biased” or paternalistic way of dealing with matters.

Until the 28th, the Venâncio de Moura Diplomatic Academy will debate topics such as “the Problem of peace missions, their role in the face of current crises”, “the problem of the reform of the Security Council”, “the work of Specialized Agencies” , “the future of interdependence and multilateralism”, “the career regime in those organizations”, among others.

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