Angolan products on display at the Seoul Fair

Angolan products on display at the Seoul Fair
Angolan products on display at the Seoul Fair

Africa-Press – Angola. Several national products such as coffee, beans, mucua, musseque flour, white corn, beers and soft drinks are being exhibited at the Imported Products Fair 2022, which takes place in the city of Seoul (South Korea).

Under the motto “Back to Business”, IGF 2022 aims to serve as a platform to lay the groundwork for the recovery of the South Korean import sector in post-COVID-19 time and facilitate trade in Korea. of the South, linking international exporters with the South Korean market.

In the space reserved for the country, you can also find, in addition to the flag, some brochures with information about Angola, its economic potential, business opportunities, main reforms in progress, as well as some magazines produced by the Diplomatic Mission, with emphasis on the edition of the 3rd quarter of 2022, focused on agribusiness, with a focus on revitalizing the coffee market.

The aforementioned Exhibition, sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Korean Business and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), is the only trade fair specializing in imported products in South Korea.

According to KOTRA, around 60 countries, including Tanzania, Zambia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana, Portugal, Russian Federation, China, Philippines, Indonesia and Ukraine are also present at this exhibition, with their most representative exports.

South Korean importers, such as the Lotte Mart Group, also participate in the exhibition to promote imported products.

The space also has an Expo 2030 promotional stand, which is expected to be held in the South Korean city of Busan in 2030, and a Qatar World Cup Promotion Hall.

The opening ceremony, presided over by the South Korean Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Kim Tae-ho, this morning was attended by more than 80 leading entities from the country, including ambassadors from 40 countries accredited in the Korea, with an emphasis on the one from Angola, Edgar Gaspar Martins.

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