Audience with King Tchongolola

Audience with King Tchongolola
Audience with King Tchongolola

Africa-Press – Angola. In another meeting, the president of the National Assembly heard from King Tchongolola Tchingonga, sovereign of the Ovimbundu, in Bailundo municipality, Huambo province, a series of social and economic concerns of the populations affected by his reign.

Speaking to the press, at the end of the meeting, the King of Bailundo said that he had asked for the influence of the leader of Parliament to support the populations of his locality, with agricultural tools, such as tractors, implements and fertilizers, at a time when the rains were already falling. regularly in the region.

“We want to continue to be partners with the State, with a view to mitigating the daily concerns of the populations”, said the King of Bailundo, who also defended close collaboration between the kingdom and the National Assembly.

King Tchongolola Tchingonga also said he had spoken with the parliamentary leader about land disputes in their territories, indicating that the matter will be addressed in greater depth in the next quarter of 2023, at the time of the National Meeting on Traditional Power.

He defended, however, the legislation on the matter, as well as greater agreement between the traditional power and the National Assembly, to bring peace within the communities.

“There is still a lot that is not understood in relation to land. Someone comes to legalize land in a certain locality without, at least, making it known to the traditional authorities”, he said, stressing that this attitude has not been welcomed by the populations. .

The King of Bailundo praised the President of the Republic’s speech on the State of the Nation last Saturday, especially in the chapter where he highlighted the need to preserve the lineage in the process of replacing traditional authorities.

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